LASIK 101 by Restore Vision Centers

Restore Vision Centers LASIK 101

Are you tired of wearing glasses or buying contact lenses? You may have heard the terms LASIK or laser eye surgery, but haven't taken the next step... Restore Vision Centers has unrivaled experience in the Pacific Northwest, having performed more than 100,000 procedures. With this experience, they would like to help inform you about LASIK and answer any questions you may have. Explore the information below and learn how laser eye surgery could improve your vision.

  • What are the top reasons you haven’t yet moved forward with LASIK? The top 2 reasons we hear most often are: Cost & Fear. Contacts are often seen as a safer choice and chosen over LASIK surgery. The reality? Contacts can end up costing you so much more money and can be incredibly unsafe when worn too much.
  • Tired of this rain, this weather? Having iLASIK makes it a LITTLE easier...hear Sarah Taylor and Katie talk about the benefits of iLASIK and this Fall and Winter Weather.

    Plus! Save $750 off on iLASIK in October!

  • Sarah Taylor and Katie have a conversation about YOU! Katie loves hearing your questions and she talks about the top questions she gets from SPIRIT Listeners. Don't hear the answer to your LASIK question? Simply fill out our form and Katie will email you your customize answers!!

    September is $1,000 of iLASIK

  • Been listening to Sarah Taylor and Katie have LASIK conversation the last few years? Well, you won't want to miss this special conversation! Katie shares a personal surprise and why she's happy that she got LASIK!

    September is $1,000 off iLASIK!
  • Hear Sarah Taylor and Katie from Restore Vision Centers talk about the current September 2015 special for iLASIK and how it ISN'T quite Holiday time yet...which is good for you. :)
  • It's SUMMAH!
    What's your favorite part of this season? Sarah Taylor and Katie talk about the nice weather, sunglasses and swimming...and how LASIK makes all these things better! 

    PLUS Summer is better with discounts! Save $1,000 this month at Restore Vision Centers!

  • Some people think getting LASIK means you'll have to take a week off of work to heal. Not the case. Hear Sarah Taylor and our LASIK expert Katie, from Restore Vision Centers, talk about a few interesting LASIK details!

    PLUS this month you get $1,000 off!

  • Sarah Taylor talks to expert Katie and Satisfied client (also works at SPIRIT 105.3!) Channah Hanberg to find out the top questions people ask about LASIK. Channah talks candidly about her experience. Click through to listen and watch a video!
  • Channah has one thing to tell you about LASIK – watch to find out what it is.

    Are you ready to discover if LASIK is right for you? You can ask Restore Vision Centers your questions at Restore Vision Centers has a great deal going on now and you can save $750! Check it out and give them a call: 425-687-7700.
  • What does it feel like the moments after surgery? Does it hurt? Find out why Channah described it as “a vacation!” Check out the video!

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