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Restore Vision Centers LASIK 101

Are you tired of wearing glasses or buying contact lenses? You may have heard the terms LASIK or laser eye surgery, but haven't taken the next step... Restore Vision Centers has unrivaled experience in the Pacific Northwest, having performed more than 100,000 procedures. With this experience, they would like to help inform you about LASIK and answer any questions you may have. Explore the information below and learn how laser eye surgery could improve your vision.

Video: Channah's LASIK Experience

Questions about LASIK? Ask Katie!
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If you have 15 minutes, you have time for LASIK

Sarah Taylor and Katie talk frankly about LASIK. Price, time commitment and up front answers! Read more...

Everyone at SPIRIT is getting LASIK!

Restore Vision Centers has been helping everyone at SPIRIT see better...including Channah who works here! Hear why she made the decision to get iLASIK and how it was taking care of her kids...the very next day! Read more...

Let's Get Real... Glasses are a Hassle!

Let's get real, glasses are a hassle! How have glasses interrupted your life? Hear our LASIK expert Katie and Sarah talk about LASIK astigmatism and more! Also, hear Katie talk about the only downside of getting LASIK. Read more...

You Are Welcome at Restore Vision Centers

Katie and Sarah talk about the warm welcoming you'll receive at Restore Vision Centers. If you've been thinking about LASIK, we welcome you to Restore Vision Centers! Read more...

Back to School, back to YOU!

Now that the kids are back in school, what's the BEST thing to do for yourself? What about LASIK? How long will it take and why will you love it? Hear Sarah and Katie! Read more...

You Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

Do you have LASIK questions? Katie and Sarah have a fun question and answer conversation just for you! Hear Sarah ask Katie all your LASIK questions! We can help you with your answers in just :60 seconds, listen up! Read more...


Are you confused by all the ads you hear about LASIK hearing Wavefront Optimized or Wavefront Guided? What is the difference? Katie discusses with Sarah what to look for as you plan for your LASIK! Read more...

It’s not the big things, it’s the little things!

What do you think people celebrate the most after getting iLASIK? It’s not the big things, it’s the little things! Katie and Sarah Taylor talk about Katie’s first purchase after receiving iLASIK! Read more...

Enjoy your Pacific NW Summer

It’s summer! What are you doing to enjoy the weather? Katie has been hiking and gardening. Sarah Taylor talks to Katie about how to enjoy the Pacific Northwest Summer! Read more...

Let’s cut to the chase. What’s the cost?

What’s the #1 question Katie gets asked about iLASIK? How much does it cost! Sarah Taylor and Katie sit down and break down the cost for you. They even break it down to a maximum monthly cost estimate for you! Read more...

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