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Posted Sep 26, 2018 by Faith-Ed

By far the number one concern people have when they think about placing their child in private education is the cost. Most often when we talk about pr... Full Story

Posted Sep 23, 2018 by Faith-Ed

Like PB&J, fun and learning CAN go together. We've put together a list of learning activities that you can enjoy with your kids all year long. Bea... Full Story

Posted Sep 22, 2018 by Faith-Ed

by AllMomDoes Parents, are you overwhelmed at even the thought of your child going off to college? Eyes wide, heart beating and breath caught in yo... Full Story

Posted Aug 24, 2018 by Faith-Ed

by AllMomDoes Between graduation festivities, college acceptance letters, and the rising thermometer, spring is an incredibly exciting time for hig... Full Story

Posted Aug 11, 2018 by Faith-Ed

by Dr. Glen Schultz Reprinted with permission Whether you watch the original Cosmos: A Personal Voyage released in 1980 or the sequel series, Cosmo... Full Story

Posted Aug 01, 2018 by Faith-Ed

by AllMomDoes I’m sure you’ve heard about STEM. But if you haven’t, it’s an acronym that stands for “Science, Technol... Full Story

Posted Jul 02, 2018 by Faith-Ed

by Seattle Christian School, Reprinted with permission from Yup, you read that right. As many as NINETY PERCENT of kids who are acti... Full Story

Posted Jul 01, 2018 by Faith-Ed

By Michael W. Lee Should you send your child to a Christian School? What difference does it make? Is there a Biblical directive to do so? These ... Full Story

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