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Posted May 02, 2018 by Healthy Living

Eleven thousand people surrounded me.  Clothing sizes ranged from XXS to XXL; perhaps an even a greater spectrum existed. Some bounced softly sid... Full Story

Posted Apr 19, 2018 by Healthy Living

We all want our kids to be healthy, but sometimes, it can be a challenge to get them away from the television or convince them that their vegetables a... Full Story

Posted Jan 25, 2018 by Sponsored

When it comes to advice about healthy living, there are opinions nearly every place you turn. Unfortunately, a great deal of that information is based... Full Story

Posted Dec 08, 2017 by Sponsored

Keeping a fitness routine while traveling can be tough, but it all starts with a coordinated effort to pack all the necessary gear, such as running sh... Full Story

Posted Dec 04, 2017 by Sponsored

Whether you’re a competitive sprinter chasing a new record or an everyday gym hound looking to get the most from your workout, seafood is among ... Full Story