Most of us love it when life flows smoothly, when things are good, and when challenges are few.  But I’ve found that I usually experience much more growth through times of testing and challenge than I do through times of comfort and ease.

In James 1:2-4, God tells us that we are to consider it a joy when we go through times of testing and difficulty, as these times offer us the opportunity to experience the greatest amount of growth.  Seeing life from God’s perspective will help you to be prepared for the hard times that you’ll face…and trust me, hard times are assured for all of us.  It’s not that we’re necessarily eager for challenges to come our way, but with a correct perspective we can get to a point where we welcome hardships.  We know that if we respond correctly to life’s trials, we can mature beyond where we now are and take one step further in God’s plan for our life.

Keep this in mind: God is more concerned about your growth than He is about your comfort!  The next time you face a difficult situation that brings pressure or discomfort to your life, consider that God is right there with you to give you what you need to come out stronger.  That doesn’t mean He’s bringing on the challenge; it means He’ll bring on the strength you need to come out on top!  No challenge will come your way that the two of you can’t handle.

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