LASIK 101 by Restore Vision Centers

Restore Vision Centers LASIK 101

  • It's SUMMAH!
    What's your favorite part of this season? Sarah Taylor and Katie talk about the nice weather, sunglasses and swimming...and how LASIK makes all these things better! 

    PLUS Summer is better with discounts! Save $1,000 this month at Restore Vision Centers!

  • Some people think getting LASIK means you'll have to take a week off of work to heal. Not the case. Hear Sarah Taylor and our LASIK expert Katie, from Restore Vision Centers, talk about a few interesting LASIK details!

    PLUS this month you get $1,000 off!

  • Sarah Taylor talks to expert Katie and Satisfied client (also works at SPIRIT 105.3!) Channah Hanberg to find out the top questions people ask about LASIK. Channah talks candidly about her experience. Click through to listen and watch a video!
  • Restore Vision Centers has been helping Channah at SPIRIT see better! Hear why she made the decision to get iLASIK and how it was taking care of her kids...the very next day! 
  • Let's get real, glasses are a hassle! How have glasses interrupted your life? Hear our LASIK expert Katie and Sarah talk about LASIK astigmatism and more! Also, hear Katie talk about the only downside of getting LASIK.
  • Katie and Sarah talk about the warm welcoming you'll receive at Restore Vision Centers. If you've been thinking about LASIK, we welcome you to Restore Vision Centers!
  • Now that the kids are back in school, what's the BEST thing to do for yourself? What about LASIK? How long will it take and why will you love it? Hear Sarah and Katie!
  • Do you have LASIK questions? Katie and Sarah have a fun question and answer conversation just for you! Hear Sarah ask Katie all your LASIK questions! We can help you with your answers in just :60 seconds, listen up!
  • Are you confused by all the ads you hear about LASIK hearing Wavefront Optimized or Wavefront Guided? What is the difference? Katie discusses with Sarah what to look for as you plan for your LASIK!
  • What do you think people celebrate the most after getting iLASIK? It’s not the big things, it’s the little things! Katie and Sarah Taylor talk about Katie’s first purchase after receiving iLASIK!

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