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What is Tuition For Less?

Welcome to Tuition For Less! We know that making the right education choice for your family is important. We also know it is a big financial commitment. We want to help take some of that burden off your shoulders with Tuition For Less where you can receive a year of tuition below retail value for a variety of area schools. Visit the Tuition for Less schools, investigate if they are right for your family and save some money too!

Tuition For Less happens throughout the year; new schools are added all the time. If you want an alert when new schools are listed, please sign up for our savings newsletter.

How Does Tuition For Less Work?

  • You purchase a Tuition Voucher from SPIRIT 105.3 for one of the schools listed
  • You contact the school you purchased the voucher for and work through the admissions process with them. They will confirm that you and your child meet the necessary requirements for admission and the Tuition For Less Program. **See Terms of Agreement below** 


Preview School Info

Voucher can only be purchased by families NEW to the school and is not redeemable by families with students currently attending the school. It is valid for full-time students only and is not redeemable for cash. Voucher is valid for tuition only and cannot be used for any fees assessed during the enrollment process or other school fees. Student must meet school requirements and may be required to be interviewed by school official prior to enrollment. Valid only for upcoming school year. An application for enrollment is required. Enrollment must be completed by school’s application deadline. All traditional entry requirements apply. One package per family.


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