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Facebook Top 5 (3/10-03/16)
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So, this week. Here is an image that says it all. The only thing I would add is that this is literally every single day this week and not just Monday. You too?

If you are in the same slumped over state as I am this week, be encouraged by the sun shining today, that Spring is making its way here and that flowers and leaves will be blooming before we know it. And, if that rain is still getting you down, take a moment to check out this beautiful rainbow Ana shared. Thank you, Lord, for shining your beautiful light!

We hope you've had a great week and have been having fun with us over on Facebook. We've had some fun. And, Steve, Amy & Friends have been sharing your stories on-air. Have you tuned in? If not, check out social media for their latest question and listen to hear your answer on the air! Here is the latest!

Here are the faves on FB this week. Would love for you to like, comment on and share these with your friends.

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  • Rebecca is behind the scenes at CRISTA developing content online and on social media. She loves online community and connecting with people to share real life struggles. She looks forward to running into you online!

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  • We were playing outside with our kids last weekend and my son was blowing a bubble. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, a few clouds in the sky and just a nice, subtle breeze. The kids were in shorts, running around laughing and when they stopped to blow bubbles, my son said, “Let’s blow some bubbles up to heaven for Jesus. I know he will love this. He wants to pop some. He’ll laugh.”

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