There's Power in YOUR Story

If you and I are even a little alike, then you love a good story. The kind where you see a bit of yourself in the characters and good prevails over tremendous adversity. I can’t help but think back to the mid 70’s, sitting with my friends at the Arcada Theater in St Charles Il., watching Star Wars for the 1st time. Even though the special effects were amazing, the real power of that film was and still is in the story. Luke Skywalker and his comrades conquer evil and save the day. The lightsaber duels, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter scenes, and amazing THX sound were all simply enhancements to a fantastic story.

Clearly, Jesus knew the power of a good story to communicate deeper truths about Himself and His love for you and me. The four gospels in the new testament of the Bible are a collection of the stories that Jesus told, and by all accounts a lot of people listened intently.

The reason I bring this up is to remind you that YOU have a story as well. The ups and downs of your life, the ways you’ve struggled and found victory, the big ways and the small ways that God has guided you on this journey… it all makes a great story, if you’re willing to share it. Your story, even if it’s not finished and the victory hasn’t come quite yet, can be a moment of peace and hope for another SPIRIT 105.3 family member.  

At SPIRIT 105.3, our hope is to be good story tellers. We want to share with western Washington and the world the news that Jesus came, died for us, and rose again. We also want to share that he continues to tell that story in many different ways through each of us. Will you join us, by sharing your story? I promise someone needs to hear it today. Please share your story by sending us an email, comment on our Facebook wall or call directly at 1-877-ASK-1053.