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  1. J.A posted on 10/01/2012 12:12 PM
    Hi All,

    Just curious where the money for the Share-A-thon goes? Does the station not make enough money through advertising and the usual channels to keep running or does all the Share-a-thon money go to other non-financed parts of Christa Ministries. Yes, my ignorance is showing. = )
  2. Webmaster posted on 10/02/2012 09:02 AM
    Thanks for asking! The sharathon is an opportunity to extend the encouragement you hear each and every day to more people in the community. Your experience of SPIRIT 105.3 is made possible by both advertising and your financial partnership.
  3. MariaH_3 posted on 10/04/2012 08:12 AM
    I just want to say that its not just the music that makes this station so great. Its the Dj's too. They are the voice. Whenever I have needed prayer, and noone was available to pray with me, I have called the station and ALWAYS had someone to pray with me. It feels like home. Through the years I have been calling, I have been through cancer in my family, divorce, infidelity, children....etc.....and each painful moment, I have been able to share it with the Dj's and they have been available to offer encouragement, or prayer, or both. I am so thankful to Spirit 1053 and also to God for placing Krista Ministries here!!
  4. BettyA posted on 10/04/2012 08:21 AM
    What happened to Scott & Sam & Tom?
    1. Webmaster posted on 10/04/2012 01:50 PM
      @BettyA Hi Betty – You can find more info about Scott’s and Sam’s new adventures here: Tom has decided to spend more time behind the scenes at SPIRIT and spend more time with his family. Please pray for everyone’s new plans in life. You can get to know our new morning hosts Steve and Amy here - - you’re sure to love them!
  5. Sherrill2012 posted on 10/14/2012 07:20 PM
    I found your station about 9 mo ago.. My daughter also now listens in fact the radio in her kid's room is on 24/7 not only my 7yr. old, but my 2 yr. old listens and sings along.. Our family has gone through many changes and the most recent is finding the perfect church for us, finding this radio station... I am 1 week away from leaving for Haiti for 8 days. myself and 9 other (calvary chapel marysville) team members are going over to hold a vision clinic. This is the 3rd yr going. It is so exciting what God is doing and this year we are blessed to take over more eye glasses than in the past... approx. 2,500 prescription and 300 reader and 300 sunglasses... Praising God.. We always welcome prayers and will truly need them more as we are gone (It is still very invaded with voodoo....) GOD is Great!
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