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Privacy Policy

Spirit1053.com provides digital streaming media through the Internet. Read below for a brief overview of Spirit1053.com's information practices. Last Updated: December 2015

1.    No personal information is used by Spirit1053.com to deliver Internet ads.

Spirit1053.com does not use your name, address, email address, or phone number to deliver Internet ads. However, Spirit1053.com does use your email address if you have submitted it through a web form and have given direct permission to email you, to send you periodic emails related to our ministry. Spirit1053.com will never give your email address or any other personal information to a third party without your express consent.

2.    You can control the email you receive.

If you have given Spirit1053.com permission to send you email and you want to stop receiving emails from Spirit1053.com, you can let Spirit1053.com know at any time. There are two ways to do this, one is to find the UNSUBSCRIBE button within the last email you received or you can send an email to [comments@spirit1053.com] with the subject "UNSUBSCRIBE MY EMAIL".

3.    Spirit1053.com encourages all organizations with which SPIRIT 105.3 has professional relationships to engage in fair information practices.

Spirit1053.com asks that these entities disclose their relationship to SPIRIT 105.3 by providing notice to consumers about the Spirit1053.com services that they syndicate.

4.    Spirit1053.com as a streaming media provider:

When users connect to any of Spirit1053.com’s streaming services, Spirit1053.com has the ability to gather information such as Internet Protocol addresses, Hostnames, and website addresses that users were directed from. As such, Spirit1053.com has the ability to determine the general geographical locations from which users' requests originate. The information Spirit1053.com gathers in this manner is not used for any purposes other than to compile periodic statistical reports.

5.    The promises SPIRIT 105.3 makes about information you share online will be upheld.

Spirit1053.com may change its policy as new services are added or old ones are changed, but Spirit1053.com treats information it owns in a manner consistent with the policy under which it was collected, unless Spirit1053.com has your consent to use it differently. If part or all of Spirit1053.com's assets are sold or transferred, Spirit1053.com will take steps to insure that these same principles apply.

6.    Don't just take SPIRIT 105.3’s word for it.

Spirit1053.com has been well-known for its integrity since the time of its inception in 1999. Throughout the years Spirit1053.com has kept the information collected about its users completely protected. Ask any of SPIRIT 105.3’s listeners; your privacy is of utmost importance!

7.    Texting/SMS Mobile Engagement

WideOrbit Mobile is our texting and mobile engagement provider that allows us to communicate with our listeners via text. SPIRIT 105.3 treats information it owns in a manner consistent with the policy under which it was collected. To review a full privacy policy from WideOrbit, click HERE.

8.    Ad Retargeting

Spirit1053.com uses cookies (via AdRoll) for the purpose of displaying SPIRIT-related ads on other sites you visit. Cookies are small data files that are served by our platform and stored on your device. 

9.    Questions, concerns, comments, or complaints?

Questions, concerns, comments, and complaints can be addressed to [comments@spirit1053.com] with the subject "PRIVACY".

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