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  1. Danny posted on 06/02/2014 11:31 AM
    Please pray that I will be safe the next couple of days the weekend can be very dangerous when you are homeless.GOD richly bless you
    1. PamD_2 posted on 08/19/2014 01:05 PM
      @Danny Danny God is with you always. His protection is as real as the sun rising every morning and his promise of the rainbow each time it rains. Lord we together ask that you keep Danny safe EVERY weekend until you provide a home for him to reside in. Give him strength, sustenance, peace, love, joy, gratitude and faith. Work a miracle prior to the weather change and help him to help himself to pull himself up out of his circumstances. Bring the most unlikely of persons to aid him. In Jesus name Amen.
  2. Ernie posted on 06/02/2014 02:44 PM
    I am in desperate need of serious prayer. I'm a divorced dad of three young girls ( ages 5, 2 and 9 months). I only get to spend time with my girls every other weekend. The divorce has been extremly rough on our 5 year old "she's a daddy's girl" and financially tough on me. With child support and day care monthly costs, I'm left with not enough to pay my bills, going deeper in debt. My faith in GOD has been tested numerous times through out the past year. I'm beginning to seriously doubt my faith and what GOD has in store for me. As I keep falling deeper in debt and our girls wanting their daddy more.Please pray for my beautiful girls and myself for a happy and fruitfull life to come.
    1. PamD_2 posted on 08/19/2014 01:12 PM
      @Ernie Lord as a woman I understand the need for this child's dad. I pray that you would open up doors and windows for Ernie to be able to HEAR his daughters fears and desires in a way he has never heard them before. Many times I recall just needing the words, "It will all be OK". Reassure this child of her daddies love and commitment to her and her sisters. You are such a loving father and you know best how to restore a relationship. Guide these parents to do what is best for their child, setting aside selfish desires on either side. Wrap your arms around this situation and uphold this family for your purpose. Restore Ernie's faith in a way that he shall never forget. Let him not call it coincidence. In Jesus name Amen.
  3. karen posted on 06/02/2014 11:52 PM
    Please let us get through this
    lord after 5 years he has decided to leave he has not been speaking or answering my calls since 2 days.please god heal,restore n unite us once again god you can do the impossible please let him remember the good times n return soon cause this seperation is very painful i know i hurt him a lot with my accusations please let him forgive me teach me to trust him again let him stop his flirting and realise how it affectes me thank you god for bringing paresh in my life please let him continue being a part of it give me stength in the interim and let neither of us fall through temptation during this trying time.I ask you to build a hedge of thorns around both of us and our relationship so we dont wander away from each other and get married soon.Father, all of these things I ask in the most holy name of Jesus Christ, Your Son. Thank you, Father, for hearing my prayer. I love You, I worship You, I thank You and I trust in You. Amen.
  4. Michelle posted on 06/05/2014 10:30 AM
    I am a mom, a wife, and a follower of Christ. Recently my husband lost his job and not long after he got into a car accident. Since then we have been struggling to pay lot rent but some how the Lord always provided for us. This month we are in a really tight spot again. I keep praying that the Lord will again provide for us but I can't help but stress. We got an eviction notice today. I'm asking for prayers that we will find the money so that we can keep our home. Please pray for us.
  5. Erin posted on 06/06/2014 10:13 AM
    My brother is head of security at SPU and, praise God, was not there when the shooting happened yesterday. Please pray for the strength of those who are directly affected by the tragedy and for the families to stay grounded in the LORD. The Lord is good. God will carry us on his wings. It is a miracle that my brother wasn't there at the time of the shooting and I want to give a prayer of thankfulness for God's arms of protection around my brother.
  6. Andrew posted on 06/06/2014 03:46 PM
    A few months ago, I lost my job-- it was lucrative, prestigious, had great benefits, etc. I toiled for weeks blaming God for it until I started to dream about what I would have when I got my next one-- I'd want the same lucrative income, I'd want to travel for work (never had a job that entailed that, but it would make me feel important), I'd want good benefits (I struggle with depression from childhood abuse), I'd want to use my income to buy the computer I really wanted (I'm a tech junkie) and take a trip to sunny California, preferably San Francisco as two relationships I'd love to rejuvenate are there. Today was my second day at my new job, which I beat out 106 other applicants to get, provides the same income as my last job and has 100% employer-paid health benefits; this morning, I was issued a take-home computer (the EXACT model I wanted to buy for myself) and am now procrastinating on packing my bags to spend the next week on a company-paid trip to-- you guessed it-- SAN FRANCISCO, which includes a company-paid Mercedes-Benz rental car and a weekend to myself. Is all of this a coincidence? Of course not-- WE SERVE AN AWESOME GOD!!!
  7. Kat posted on 06/07/2014 02:48 PM
    Hello everyone. I would like to ask for prayer and help. I am in dire need of financial help. I am behind on my bills and would love to ask any of you for help. I am a student and doing her best to help her family pay bills, but at this time I do not have enough for this months bills. I also ask for prayer that I still remain positive and motivated no matter what the circumstance I am right now. I believe that The Lord my God will not give me something I cannot handle. But right now, I have lost hope. Please I ask for prayer. Thank you!
  8. Anonymous posted on 06/07/2014 02:54 PM
    We request urgent prayer for our two sons, who have both fallen away from God.
    To our distress, the oldest son says there is no God.
    However, God has plans for good, for those He has called_ they both confessed faith in Christ as young people.
    Please join me in praying for them to see God made Real to them, and for His unfailing Love to show them the Truth of His Being in an Amazing way.
  9. Charlie Williams K posted on 06/08/2014 03:29 AM
    Please pray for me, my dad, mum & sister to have fear, love, faith, wisdom in Lord Jesus Christ.
    Please pray for Spiritual, Mental, Physical Healing.

    Please pray so that our hearts not produce thoughts that are not pleasing to God and please pray for the guard of our tongues.
  10. scott posted on 06/09/2014 07:36 PM
    Please pray for my daughter Jessica who is struggling in her job in NJ, and also her upcoming wedding in Nov. Please prat the Lord will be with her in her job and that she will be able to keep it.
  11. StevenMT1957 posted on 06/10/2014 07:51 PM
    Please pray for me as I am in a desperate battle. A battle for my soul that I feel I am losing. I try and try to put God first but I always step back in His way. I can't take much more of this hell I feel. Without Christ there is no reason to go on and I feel like I am without Him. Please, please help.
    1. Chris posted on 07/02/2014 04:46 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:45 AM on 07/03/2014
      @StevenMT1957 God still loves you because your spirit is willing but flesh is weak.We are all sinners and is by Grace of God that we are forgiven.You are not alone,don`t lose hope when you fall down wake up again keep going read inspiring Christian stuff,Bible reading, listen to preachers in T.V.Pray continually without ceasing .Feed the spirit and starve the flesh which is continually in conflict with the spirit.I will remember you Steve in my prayers
  12. BrokenHeart posted on 06/11/2014 08:38 AM
    I am standing for my marriage. My husband informed me about 3 weeks ago that he wants a divorce! It was such a shock. My heart is breaking. I moved out yesterday because it is so painful. He is not being mean, but there is someone else involved and my heart felt like it was daily being crushed. God has done a miracle in me over this past few weeks. I've saturated myself in God's word and praise and worship. He is giving me strength and I'm making Him the center of my life. My request is for my husband's soul. He knows Jesus but he has decided to take this very destructful path. I know and believe in miracles. I believe God can heal and restore our marriage. I believe the more people surrounding my husband and I on this journey, the more protected we will be from the enemies attacks. Thank you for holding us up in prayer.
    1. PamD_2 posted on 08/19/2014 01:19 PM
      @BrokenHeart BrokenHeart, you know by your faith that you are not alone. Praise God that you are saturating yourself into the word. Seek out your brothers and sisters in Christ. A mentor would be a person that you could call to help you focus when the pain is great and you are losing yourself. Join and attend as many small groups as is possible. Remember it is the enemy trying to break hearts and families all over the world. Keep the faith and prayers are on their way for you and your family. Love in Christ
  13. john posted on 06/12/2014 04:28 PM
    please pray for Christians suffering persecution all over the world. please pray for peace,comfort,provision,healing,and deliverance, in JESUS NAME.
  14. Shelly posted on 06/13/2014 04:49 AM
    Please pray for my mom, Mary Ann to be healed of any cancer cell in her body. She is given strength,energy,comfort,peace,protection over her immune system & eyesight. Also, restful sleep & no bad side effects from the chemo. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you so much for the prayers, we really appreciate it! God bless you!
  15. Megan posted on 06/14/2014 11:33 AM
    Our house is severely damaged and needs repair. We are in debt and need finances to repair our house. My husband works commission only so finances are difficult. We also need to find a new home.
  16. Nancy posted on 06/14/2014 04:01 PM
    Please pray for my eldest sister. She is very unhappy in her life. Her children have all turned against her.
    Please Jesus our father in heaven and Mary our holy mother look after my sister and shower blessings upon her so that she can have a happy life.
    Let her find friends who she can pass time with and not be a lonely sad, person.
  17. Concerned Friend posted on 06/15/2014 02:16 PM
    Please lift Lynn and her family up in prayer. She found out two weeks ago she has cancer and is now in the hospital and not doing well. God, please work a miracle for Lynn and her family.
  18. Jim posted on 06/18/2014 10:29 AM
    Please Pray for me. Went though a break-up where she told me she was a broken women and could not be in a relationship, then 6 weeks later she got married. Feeling be trade, lied too, and having a hard time finding my smile again. Praying that God will help me through this time and that HE will bring that special someone into my life.
  19. anonymous posted on 06/18/2014 11:58 AM
    Please pray for my family. We're barely making it and trying to prevent ending up homeless. Thank you.
  20. Megan posted on 06/22/2014 11:05 PM
    PRAISE GOD!!! After 2 years of living in a mobile home that had been mold infested, with no carpet, broken window screens, a broken front door, leaky roof, my Aunt from Las Vegas has decided to give us a gift of $30,000, a part of the memorial from my late Uncle Steve's passing 3 weeks ago. My husband works commission only and we had been struggling with how to come up with the money to pay for minimal repairs. We are also in debt with credit cards and other loans. After praying with our pastor at church tonight, we got a call from my mom at 10:30 pm, telling us the good news. We pray also that God would give us wisdom to either donate this house as is and give it to charity or fix it up with the bare minimal repairs, to make it sellable or just use the entire money for a down payment of a new house we so desperately need. The money was originally meant to use it as a down payment for a new home. We also pray that God would lead us to the right home, in the right location for the right price. This is a miracle.
  21. Ed posted on 06/24/2014 06:22 PM
    Hi, this is a copy/paste from a 4/23/14 prayer request which was canceled at the last minute at Harborview. I'm now having the surgery tomorrow morning 6/25/14.

    "I'm having reconstructive foot surgery to my left foot this morning at Harborview in Seattle. It's 10+ hours long to fix numerous issues with the foot resulting from a work accident where both of my feet were crushed by a 5000 lb generator. Please pray for the surgeons who will be operating and that everything runs smoothly. Also that the pain is bearable. It's a 1 to 2 year recovery time. Last summer, I had a very similar operation to my right foot. This will be the 15th operation to the left. My right foot has had 22 operations thus far. Thank you and God bless. -Ed
  22. Anonymous posted on 06/26/2014 02:13 PM
    I been struggling with keeping a reliable vehicle n my supervisor say if I don't have a car I can't come to work, I been there fifteen years faithfully, I just need a good running car, I can't afford one n love my job, Please pray, I am desperate
  23. Sudhakar posted on 06/26/2014 08:47 PM
    Seeking God Grace on my Job Promotion & Salary Hike
  24. Nina posted on 06/27/2014 11:36 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:28 AM on 06/30/2014
    I ask for a prayer for my friend Olya and her family. She has gotten very sick in a last few months. I do not have any details on her sickness, because i do not want to ask her what and how, because it breaks my heart to see her in tears always. They have 3 beautiful kids. I just want to ask you all if you could include Olya in your daily prayers. Please lift her family in your prayers and that God will give them strenght and hope for the better. thank you,
  25. árpád veres posted on 06/28/2014 10:11 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:30 AM on 06/30/2014
    I ask you to pray for me and my ex-girlfriend Monika that we again get together, forgive each other for everything to be back among us love, affection, patience, serenity, peace, togetherness as soon as possible between us, understanding, joy, happiness, come right in what the two of us relationship with each other, come back to me, let's be a couple, marry, live with each other happily, the Lord Jesus bless us, our relationship with the co-our existence, God, bring us together again, and give the Monika and I have full conversion Jesus and prayer for me one more comprehension, families conversion, peace, workplace, profession, miracles for our us and our family life, healing each other physically mentally, and our families, too, thank you to pray for us, God bless you this themselves be blessed, Jesus , amen!
  26. Jamel posted on 06/30/2014 11:13 AM
    Please pray for my finances. I desperately need $1500 by this week to pay past due bills and rent. Please also pray for favor with this girl that I like named Ginny. Thank you so much.
  27. Sabrina posted on 07/01/2014 12:48 PM
    I get up every morning with a very stiff painful back. Nothing seems to make it go away. I can't seem to do much. Every movement is very painful. I am getting quite depressed living with this pain.
    I would be most grateful if you could pray for me to get rid of this pain.

    May our Lord in Heaven and our Holy Mother look down at us and give us all a healthy life.
  28. Alexander posted on 07/02/2014 09:34 AM
    I need prayer for a new full-time elem. teaching position in/near Seattle. I've submitted all my applications/resumes. I pray that God will open the right position during the summer for the fall. I'd like prayer, also, for greater faith in our Great God and peace during this journey. Thanks.
  29. Anonymous posted on 07/02/2014 10:12 AM
    Please pray for John to be healed from his many health problems and very bad pain in back, stomach, legs, etc.. He is struggling to try to keep working. Please pray that he can have all early regular schedules, compassion and understanding at work; and the job that is best for him with the health problems he has. Please pray that they won't make him use herbicides or pesticides at work also. Thanks.
  30. Anonymous posted on 07/03/2014 01:21 PM
    We are praying for healing for my sister in law that is suffering with Alzheimer's Disease.
  31. Sarah posted on 07/03/2014 08:30 PM
    I pray that my mom's hip gets better. She has a herniated disk that is really bothering her and I pray that it gets 100% better. She has gone to the chiropractor, physical therapy, and has had lots of MRI's. I just pray that it gets better for her and that all the activities that she loves to do are not a hassle any more and that she does not hurt. Thank you Jesus for helping my mommy a little bit every step of the way. You have brought encouragement and strength in our family.
  32. Annette posted on 07/07/2014 06:44 PM
    Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law that God would wrap his arms tightly around them both and their marriage. They have a fairly new marriage, it now is in trouble. She has friends that are not a good influence (many single and non-believers). My son is a believer, and she is too. But she has strayed .
    Thank you.
  33. Jodelini posted on 07/09/2014 04:12 PM
    please pray that DR's will find what is going on with my friends son. He is now a new pastor in IL and has been having stomach pains for a year now. DR's have found blood work high levels that would indicate something negative. Pray a complete healing and that any more tests will reveal something minor if anything at all. That he would be touched in mighty ways and all DR's would know that what comes of it is from God. Let the healing begin in Jesus name!
  34. JudithN posted on 07/10/2014 02:19 PM
    poor credit but excellent rental history for 9 years; we need approval to rent "home" for 6 people & 2 animals so to reveal God's mercy, love & faithfulness to family; A's house sounds perfect, Lord if it's thy will; by July 20 to give notice & be moved in to celebrate granddtrs 3rd birthday all together & healing. Thank you Lord for hearing our cry; Also save, deliver da & mend broken family; restore the years that sin destroyed & renew your spirit in us; ba let none of us be left behind; Thank you Lord, Praise you Lord; only in You can we be made whole. Heal ar release them from enemy oppression; Let us shine for You oh God; Direct my steps in financial decisons; Let me be your servant again, Lord with my mind stayed on thee always.
  35. Megan posted on 07/12/2014 11:22 AM
    My husband and I are in desperate need for a new home. Our budget is kind of tight so it needs to be something we can afford. We just found a home for just about the top of what we can afford and I pray it is the right house. Also, my husband is in desperate need for a new job. He has not been treated fairly at work and either needs a change in careers or needs a new position where he works. He wants to ask his store manager for a new position which will pay more than what he's getting now.
  36. libertom posted on 07/12/2014 11:42 AM
    November 30 I was in a pedestrian vs car accident. I was in ICU for a week, tore my ACL, LCL, and MCL. Ruptured my bladder and fractured my cranium. God as my witness he has given me a second chance I will not screw this one up. Before I was lost. I didn't have god on my side. On my own I had to fight to get health insurance getting denied for months. My fiancé was going to bible study. One day she bagged me to come. I heard exactly what I needed to hear. I quit fighting and put it in gods hands. Two days later I have health insurance and a surgery date to get my acl, mcl , and MCL back in business. Thank you father For protecting one of your many children.
  37. Chris posted on 07/13/2014 02:16 AM
    I have been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts for years. After moving back home to Washington I have started listening to KCMS (the station i grew up listening to) and it has helped. When things get dark I come to this website and I am reminded of who is in control and it helps keep me grounded and alive. I know this may sound weird but God has kept me alive through the encouragement of thie website and this radio station. It is still hard but it is manageable
  38. Bev posted on 07/14/2014 02:17 PM
    My husband and I are on the verge of a divorce. Prayers would be appreciated. We are believers but we got our eyes off of Jesus and He was no longer the center of our lives. Please pray. Thanks so much and God bless each of you.
  39. Sarah posted on 07/14/2014 11:28 PM
    I will be giving notice today (July 15). Please pray that the conversation with my boss goes smoothly. Please also pray that God provides a new job for me - a position that is immeasurably more than all I can ask or imagine. Thank you!
  40. Anonymous posted on 07/15/2014 01:14 PM
    Please pray for our family. We had to move to Seattle and the moving company we used is cheating us out of thousands of dollars. We do not have the money to pay them and they have all of our things in a warehouse and will not release it to us. We have an attorney who is helping us negotiate with them but it is not working. We are desperate, and now are being threatened by this company. Please pray we can get this worked out.
  41. Anonymous posted on 07/16/2014 02:32 PM
    Please pray for my friend who is in a lot of financial problems. She is telling me how her husband and her are so unhappy and mostly depressed. They can't find a way out. The business ( a fish and chip shop) is running at a loss. They are selling the business at a loss, but still there are no buyers. Also they have to find money to pay mortgage for their house.
    Please pray for her and her family, so that some doors will open and their financial problem will be solved.
    Thank you for praying for her.
  42. Debbie posted on 07/16/2014 05:38 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:39 AM on 07/17/2014
    I am asking for prayers for a very dear family close to my heart...A year ago David was diagnosed with Cancer..He had a rare form, but his spirit and joy for life gave him a fight within...Sadly, David lost his fight this July....As if that wasn't enough for this family to take, 2 weeks after David's passing, his parents house was set on fire and sadly, Kurt (David's Dad) who was 93, lost his life...It is now an Arson/Murder investigation.....25 days apart this wonderful family's world was turned upside down....Also, during David's stay in the USC Cancer Center, someone stole the family's van.....This is all so unreal ...No one deserves this much pain, but this family is one in a million....No words can ever express the pain I am feeling for them as well....I'm asking for prayer for peace!!!! Thank you and God Bless
  43. arun posted on 07/18/2014 11:40 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:18 AM on 07/21/2014
    Please pray for me to be billion times more anointed than anyone. I have been terrible situation in my life all my time. I think I am in trial and tribulation here in this country and people and circumstances. devil against me as I am not for him. God wants to use me but right now I don't have job and I need God to give wonderful job where I can work 4 days a week and make lots of money for his kingdom of God purposes as it needed in this area and other countries. I really need great powerful blessings about billing times to break rocks and mountains of barriers around me and billion graces to very effective mighty and powerful and great minister for Jesus Christ to overcome all problems in life be it spiritual or physical or mental for his purpose. God bless you people and let him bless you for praying for me. Thanks, Arun
    1. Krystle posted on 07/21/2014 05:20 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 11:59 AM on 07/23/2014
      @arun If God is for you who can be against you. Trials, pain and suffering are all apart of this life, but instead of despairing Jesus told us to count it all joy. Not easily said when your the one in the situation I know, but if you keep drawing close to God and stay in a state of worshiping Him you will have everything you need to live a victorious life.
      -God bless you!
  44. David posted on 07/18/2014 09:57 PM
    Please pray for my dad, hes facing financial issues unable to pay the last 2 months of mortgage due to unemployment, and one more month pay otherwise his house will be taken away. He has a job now, but im still worried. Please pray for my dad, Tony.
  45. stacy posted on 07/19/2014 11:16 PM
    I'm asking for prayers for my sister Kelly who is battling stage 4 terminal breast cancer that has metastasized in her liver. She is a young single mom of three children. I'm asking for prayers of healing, strength, peace and comfort for her. Her health has declined in the past week and she has been in a lot of pain.
  46. Wendy posted on 07/21/2014 09:44 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 11:57 AM on 07/23/2014
    Sat July 19 we had to put our dog, Tuck, of eleven year down due to a rapidly moving cancer. We have had to do this with other older pets, but this one is exceptionally hard as he came to us as a four week old puppy and did EVERYTHING with us. Our lives are so empty. Tuck was our kids first and only pet these past eleven year. We break an egg and expect to see him there, tail wagging, or talk about going for a walk and have him run to the door waiting for us. We are strong in our faith, but the emptiness is overwhelming at times for all of us. Please pray for God's peace to enter that empty space and warm us in His Love. Thank you!
  47. Heather posted on 07/21/2014 10:13 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 11:58 AM on 07/23/2014
    I am sending out a request to all prayer warriors for our friend, Colton. He is our 14-year-old friend who has just found out he is fighting cancer AGAIN, for the fifth time. He and his family just returned from CHOP in Philadelphia in the last week. This was not the news they were anticipating. We know that God stands by their side and his parents, Suzy and Butch, and younger brother, Case, but there is a lot of fear and anger. Please pray that there is a cure for his cancer, so that he can live the life he was meant to live. God Bless.
  48. anonymous posted on 07/21/2014 10:28 AM
    Please pray for my marriage. My husband is very depressed. He is drinking heavily, and has his eyes off the Lord. He talks about divorce, dying or leaving me to find someone else. He refuses counseling and does not want to go to church. He wants to control what Im doing. It is extremely stressful .Im trying to keep my focus on the Lord but it looks hopeless. i feel abandoned by friends. My health is suffering.
  49. Carole posted on 07/22/2014 06:50 PM
    I am at a real crossroad in my life right now. I have been a Christian for 10 years and have been very devoted to my faith. Recently I have run into a crisis in my relationship with my boyfriend which has really left me feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under my feet. In the process I feel like I've lost my connection to God(if that makes sense). It's like I just can't find my way to him. I feel really disconnected. Please pray that this be lifted. I am still doing everything I normally did like going to church, reading etc but it's like I can't connect. Please pray for me.
  50. CharD_0000 posted on 07/23/2014 08:00 PM
    I am asking for prayer in the financial department. I am not asking for financial freedom, cause it isn't going to happen. But right now we are living on less then 700.00 a month. I about about to lose my car I have been able to pay over 3/4 of I have a little over 3,000 left. My husband is unable to work right now due to Mental health issues that are taking over his life and our marriage. I am on SSI. Thankfully we receive housing assistance but my son has moved out due to my husbands issues so we may be forced to move and don't have money for that. We may even be kicked off housing because I have been to afraid to tell them my son isn't living here. We have our 5 year old daughter who lives with us so we need a home for her. We in our position need a vehicle because my husband is thankfully in counseling, but also to be able to take my daughter to preschool everyday when it starts up again. We need help in our marriage, we have nobody to help us learn to communicate, talk, or even work through disagreements. I can't afford that marriage retreat, which would also be a prayer request too, but I don't want to ask for too much. I know I am sounding superficial and materialistic but if you knew our situation to the fullest you would understand why we require having a car and a home. It would be ludicrous to lose a car we've had for 3 years and until we couldn't anymore paid every single month for. Thank God my Dad has been helping us, but he has told me that he can't much longer. PLEASE PRAY FOR GODS TO TAKE OUR FAMILY AND HAVE HIS ANGELS WRAP HIS WINGS AROUND OUR HOME, AND OUR FAMILY.
  51. Anonymous posted on 07/24/2014 10:21 AM
    Please pray for me. God gave a spiritual gift to be a leader and to be able to help and heal people while they pray. But the enemy had been attacking me lately and I've been getting worse and worse nightmares about everything I fear. I've prayed so hard. So please. Pray for me. Please. I'm just trying to do what God wants me to do. Further his kingdom. But I can't do it with all these nightmares. So please pray for me. I know I'm not high on the priority list. I'm sorry for taking up your time. But I just need some prayer. Please. -a child of God
  52. TylerV posted on 07/24/2014 10:27 PM
    This is very new for me as I am just starting my journey with the lord. Things have been pretty tough as of late. I have just changed careers, I love what I do but I am in the beginning of building my business so money is very tight. My beautiful fiance and I are getting married in September, and right now I am being very hard on myself to be a good provider for my new family.

    In addition to money being tight, my soon to be wife, has had a few medical scares. With prayer she has come out just fine. But needless to say stress had been plentiful for the last 6 months. I know God will never give you more than you can handle, but I can help but feel like he's given me an awful lot to handle.

    Today I found myself lying to my soon to be wife over something very dumb, a very small amount of money (under $20) that I took from her and did'n't tell her. When she asked I denied to. I ended up coming out and telling her the truth, but still shedding a tear as I write this. I can't even begin to tell how much I love this woman, I was just so ashamed to be so tight on money right now, I want her to be proud of me and believe that I will be the man she want't me to be. I know she loves me dearly and she can forgive.

    I am afraid I don't really know how to pray but I do it anyway, and have the faith that my prayers are being heard. I ask for prayer for me and my family, to move on, and my new career prosper. I do believe that by putting all this in Gods hands he will light the way. I ask to him to bring back the confidence I had in myself, so I can once again do good for my family and all the people around me. Thank you for reading and I appreciate you praying with me.
  53. sari t. moore posted on 07/29/2014 05:01 PM
    Last Friday(July 25th,this year) I was riding on a certain K.C."Metro "route. On my way back to my home I met a lady named "Saunee"(whom is a recovering Alcholic going through a Divorce). I am praying for Her. The Man she left is a Drug Dealer whom kept Her both Drunk & High (on Drugs). Please Join Me in Praying for Her.
  54. Anonymous posted on 07/30/2014 06:14 PM
    Please kindly pray with me, for my friend's daughter. She is in the ER right now, battling sepsis. She had surgery about 3 days ago, and it didn't go well. Her mother who happens to be Buddhist, did me the privilege of asking me for prayer today. I have prayed, but also know that the more available--the better. I ask Heavenly Father to please grant health and healing--especially to give testimony of his grace and mercy. But also that angels could come to minister to all of the family, for encouragement and comfort. Please too, that regardless of the outcome, that her daughter's heart will be upon Jesus, and that it will all glorify God in some way. Amen. Thank you!
  55. Daniel Cahill posted on 07/31/2014 04:24 PM
    Hi my brothers and sisters at 105.3 I am sitting here talking to GOD about what to ask prayer for and how grateful I am for your prayers and all I can think of is I do not know what to say the need is so great but I desperately need prayer to keep going as a christian.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 7/21/14
  56. PatriciaC_5 posted on 08/01/2014 12:30 AM
    Please pray for SL's salvation and his mental, emotional, and physical condition.
  57. Elizabeth posted on 08/03/2014 12:38 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 10:08 AM on 08/04/2014
    Am asking all to pray for Gerardo. He works as a security officer, in Cali. Colombia South America. A motorcycle was stolen from the parking lot, and the owner has told him to pay for the motorcycle in 30 day if he do not pay for it, Gerardo will be killed. Please pray for his protection, and a miracle. Gerardo knows of the love of Jesus. He read the word everyday.
  58. Anonymous posted on 08/04/2014 10:56 AM
    Please pray for me to find a good compassionate dentist as close to my area as possible. Also for finances needed for teeth that need to be pulled and new dentures. And for someone safe to drive me to all my medical and dental appts.. I have severe allergies and need Christian friends who lives a fragrance free and chemical free lifestyle so that I don't get ill being around them.

    Please pray for salvation and healing, and protection for my sons and their families too. And Christian friends for all of them. My son who lives in my area esp. needs good friends and healing. We are very alone here and need God's help, guidance and direction. I am housebound. We are too ill to attend church. We live in separate areas and can't do as much to help each other anymore since our health problems have gotten worse.

    I get very ill being around most people because of their fragrances and chemicals in make up, hair products, hygiene items, laundry odors on their clothing. I have to live an isolated life most of the time to not get even more ill due to things people use and chemicals in the air from the industrial area, etc..

    My 2 Other sons who live outside our area often have to work away from their families and can't be home with them. It is affecting all of them. We are too far away to get help from them and they are often not working in the area where they live anyway. My sons need healing so that they can keep working. They have all had serious health problems. My oldest son recently couldn't walk for days, couldn't drive, etc..

    Sorry this is so long. So much has been on my mind and heart and not knowing what to do. Need miracles of help and healing and provisions from God for me and my sons and their families.
  59. Anonymous posted on 08/04/2014 10:57 AM
    Please pray for my brother in law Clare. In his 70 's a Christian most of his life. Fell and has a broken neck. But he can wiggle his toes. And for my sister too. They had to transfer him to a hospital far from where they live and she's there with him.
  60. CarolL_2843 posted on 08/04/2014 02:10 PM
    I am asking for prayer's for my daughter Molly who is deep in her addiction and needs help like so many other teens I see. My heart is broken and I am sadden with pain but I remain with faith and trust that God will take care of her until she surrenders and asks for help.. Molly is 19 years old and a beautiful young girl but has gotten caught up in an addiction of marijuana and heroine. I am asking for prayers to help her become willing to "Ask God for Help" and accept that God willing and his grace go her. I pray for my strength everyday as well to help me get through this and let go and let God. For the grace of God go I. Thy will not mine be done. Amen
    1. CynthiaLovesJesus posted on 08/08/2014 12:12 PM
      @CarolL_2843 Hello Carol - this story hits very close to home for me. I have recently been struggling with letting go of an addiction. I am 32 years old, and have had a strong addiction to narcotic pain medication for the past 2 years. Recently, I've made the decision to let go and let God. The addiction was taking complete control of my life, and I was watching it fall apart in front of my eyes. Since then, it's been about a month, and I've given my life to Jesus, and am leaning solely on Him now for comfort and guidance. I pray that your daughter will also learn to lean of Jesus, and pray that he would make Himself known in a real way to her. I pray that she starts to see God's love for her, and that she decides to deal with the addiction before things get too out of hand. As for you, as her mother you can be there for her as a support. You can live through God, and show her how God is working in your life, so that she may see this and want a part of it. I've been where she is, and know that even though she may not know or admit it right now, she is lost inside... and she needs to find her way. And as a parent I know that you want to help her and guide her to that path, but she will need to bring herself there. You can be there to walk with her, and support her when she decides she is ready to seek Jesus, and embark on the road to recovery. Just don't lose hope. There is always hope, because God never leaves us. He sees our lives with 'eternity vision' when we see it in 'worldly NOW vision.' His plan is always greater than ours, and His will be done. He WILL get both you and your daughter through this. There IS light after addiction - I'm living proof of that. If you (or her) ever need any support, or even just the ear of someone who's been there AND has now seen the other side, I am here. I will keep you in my prayers. God bless.
  61. olivia posted on 08/04/2014 10:23 PM
    please pray for me as I drive from Seattle, Wa. to Georgia. I know there is going to be extremely bad weather. Thanks, and God Bless all those who take the time to pray for me.
    1. CynthiaLovesJesus posted on 08/08/2014 11:29 AM
      @olivia Prayers of safety sent your way! :-)
  62. CariK_3743 posted on 08/08/2014 12:29 AM
    I am tired, over whelmed, and so burdened...I just want to pray for other people and lend a helping hand...that is what God designed me for....Maybe if people here prayed for me and helped guide me to find solutions out of the mess we are in, I can finally get back to doing more for everyone else. I am a college educated woman with three amazing godly boys from my previous 15 yr marriage. Tomorrow is my current husband and my 2 yr anniversary. In the last 3yrs I went from debt free, working on developing my own business, but lost to where I was with God..To this...Debt $15,000+ lost track close to $50,000 if I include my husband's, unemployed, no aide, no insurance ~ health or vehicle, a lot of red tape with the Dept. of LnI, completely lost on taxes, credit is destroyed, $4000 in medical bills, All of this is not uncommon, But I am on my own...Married, but alone,,, We have finally been enlightened to the fact that my husband suffers from Bi-polar, depression, and PTSD...He is unemployed, has no drivers license, has dyslexia and apparently ADD/ADHD, he may not read well but is incredibly intelligent. We have been denied access to his three children by their mom, I tried to go through all the legal paperwork and hold her in contempt of the parenting plan, but the paper work was so old and a mess, I couldn't keep up with it all and take care of the house, my boys, my husband, etc.. Him not seeing his children has destroyed him. There is so much more, I can't even explain....I used to have a career, nice house, volunteered, gave things to strangers in need just walking down the street....Amongst all pain what I have gained and makes me happier than I have ever been my relationship with God and I would go through it all again to be where I am at spiritually and to have my boys have their amazing love for God too. I am forever in dept to my husband for bringing me to New Community church before he became ill, to the pastors, parish and all those amazing ladies in group. BUT I need to fix this mess we are in and I know I can't do it alone, I need a lot of guidance (a Mentor would be great!) and a lot more prayers and a new career...heck... a job. What i'd really like is to be an advocate for men and boys.
    1. CynthiaLovesJesus posted on 08/08/2014 11:28 AM
      @CariK_3743 I just want you to know that someone is thinking of, and praying for you. Although I haven't experienced the exact same things you are, I can definitely relate. And I can promise you that God's love is GREATER than the trials you are facing, and He WILL prevail! :-) It's so awesome to hear that even through all of the things you are facing, that you have been able to hold on to such a close relationship with Jesus! That can be hard to do at times in this world - when things get rough, it can be easy to give up faith... so this shows that you have a tremendous amount of faith! That is a GREAT quality to have; not only for yourself and God, but for your boys. You are setting an awesome example for them, and it shows in their faith. Continue to hold on and lean on Jesus. Although we don't know each other, my prayers will continue to be with you and your family. I will be praying that He gives you a sense of peace and comfort as you navigate your way through your 'new life' and for healing for your new husband. I will also pray that Gods love continues to grow in your boys, and in you, and that He will work in a real way in your life, and give you strength as you move forward, and take steps to get out of the place you are in now. God's got this!! :-) Sending prayer your way. God bless.
    2. Anonymous posted on 08/12/2014 10:24 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:34 AM on 08/13/2014
      @CariK_3743 All you need is GOD first. HE is your guidance, your light, your life, your food, your shelter, your everything! HE should be all of that! Trust in HIM and seek HIS Kingdom and righteousness daily! Every second of your life praise HIM!! Nothing is impossible with GOD!!

      Smile! :-) GOD BLESS you!
      I love you but Jesus Christ loooooooves you more! :-) ★
  63. RachelE_4 posted on 08/08/2014 03:10 PM
    My family and I are in need of your prayers. Our landlord of 4 years has just given us a 30 day notice to vacant our home. We are a family of 5 (3 boys ages 13, 10 & 9) with 2 large dogs. We do not have great credit due to lack of jobs in the past and still trying to play "catch up" with life. We are both finally working full time (my fiance at Boeing and myself for a Embroidery company). Finding a home that is large enough, in our price range, accepts dogs and still in our community or close enough to not move my boys schools has been very difficult and the days are counting down. I pray for guidance and faith that God has a plan for me and my family and I just have to be patient...but I am scared. My fear is growing and faith is being tested. Please pray for our family and our strength to get through this.
    1. Anonymous posted on 08/12/2014 10:15 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:33 AM on 08/13/2014
      @RachelE_4 Just trust in GOD the Father and HE Will provide!!! HE will! I promise you that!!! Seek HIS Kingdom righteousness first and ALL things will be given unto you according to HIS will and perfect timing!!! Have faith and praise HIM every second! Gives thanks to GOD you are working and have your family! Smile!! GOD IS GREAT!
  64. VICKY posted on 08/11/2014 08:13 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 11:15 AM on 08/11/2014
    I listen to you daily and am in awe on how wonderful way you help people to know the Lord. I was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer 3 1/2 years ago. With faith in God lots of prayers by my family and church I beat the 5% chance of survival they had given me. I am back again asking for prayers as I was given the bad news this morning that because of the Whipple surgery I received for the cancer I have come down with diabetes. I know God will be with me through this too but I also know there is nothing stronger than prayer. It's a blessing to have people pray for you on your behalf. Thank each and everyone one of you. I could not imagine a world without you.
  65. Megan posted on 08/12/2014 08:58 AM
    Asking for prayers for direction in a possible career opportunity. While I love the organization I work for and the people I work with, a possible opportunity has arisen with a different department within the same organization that may offer the long-term direction I would desire my career to lead. And while it may be slightly better hours and less stress, it may be less money. Asking for prayers of support to be able to see God’s plan above my own, to hear His voice of guidance, to trust Him and release my control over this situation, and that the opportunity (should it be where He wants me to go) is perfect in His will and my concerns are taken care of. Thank you for the prayers!
  66. Matt posted on 08/14/2014 09:05 AM
    I need a miracle....I can see the light but keep sinking. Please let me out of this hole.
  67. Sharon posted on 08/14/2014 11:12 AM
    Will you all please pray for my mother inlaw. She is in the hospital. She is having open hart suggery. She has an infection in her lung. So that makes the suggery more ricky for her. Her name is nellie. So please pray for her to make it though the suggery. Her famliy is not ready for her to go home too see god yet. Thank you for all your prays. God bless you all.
  68. Becky posted on 08/14/2014 02:36 PM
    Please pray for me. I had a foot infection which nearly caused me to lose my foot. I have to see an infectious disease specialist. Please pray for healing for my foot.
  69. Frances posted on 08/15/2014 08:31 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 01:09 PM on 08/15/2014
    Please pray for me, I just received a letter from the Indian Health Contract, in Shawnee, Oklahoma. They refused me for denial for referral medical services. I really need this to be turned around, as I am a patient who is in need for a liver transplant, these board members do not see the importance of this. This has really been a heavy burden on me. I need your prayers and support from you prayer warriors. I declare this now in the name of Jesus who fights my battles and the devil. Thank you.
  70. Cliff posted on 08/15/2014 10:31 PM
    My mother had a stroke two days ago. Please pray for her recovery. Thank you and God bless for your faithfulness.
  71. Stephen posted on 08/16/2014 04:38 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:36 AM on 08/18/2014
    Please pray for my new friend Matt We get along well and I do like Matt and would like to always be a good friend with him. Pray that we will share an ongoing friendship of his work-place and pray that Matt will accept my offer of friendship and we will stay close and good buddy and will share ongoing Interests together.
    Friendships never happen overnight and would like much needed prayers for the two of us. Thanks so much.
  72. PatriciaC_5 posted on 08/16/2014 04:52 PM
    Please pray for my cousin, Jack, 60 yrs old, dialysis patient with infection and may need laporyscopic surgery on his liver.

    Also, for my son's (college student) salvation.
  73. Megan posted on 08/18/2014 12:53 PM
    My husband is born again but is not reading his Bible any more. Please pray the Holy Spirit will encourage him to do so.
  74. Anonymous posted on 08/18/2014 09:29 PM
    I need prayer for my family. My sister has been threatening to commit suicide. She is a wife and mother of two incredible kids. She has fallen away from God. I know she carries burdens that she seems to be holding onto for dear life instead of letting God take her burdens away. Unfortunately, this has been ongoing for many years and many people in my family have been hurt but the suicide threats are new, and honestly, very scary. I am not allowed to contact her but I know God can deliver her. The power of prayer is awesome, I know first hand. Thank you and God Bless!
  75. arun posted on 08/18/2014 10:30 PM This comment was edited by a moderator at 08:54 AM on 08/19/2014
    Please pray that glory of God increases in my life and God will boost me in higher level and deal with my internal insecurities in me due to hard and bad family circumstances I really need right job. please pray for me that God will bring right job for me and take me out of this wrong circumstances in bad area. thanks, arun
  76. PamD_2 posted on 08/19/2014 01:01 PM
    My son passed away Aug. 28th, 2012 of suicide and since my other three children have been blaming one another for his death. A month ago, one of my daughters, who is engaged to be married and has my grandson, was told to choose between him or me. She chose him, I believe out of fear of loosing her son. I miss my daughter and my grandson so much whom I have seen almost every week since he was born 15 months ago. My family has had no counseling due to no funds. I know however, that God can do even a greater work than a counselor Please pray for restoration and complete emotional healing of each one of us. My sister also stopped speaking to me 4 months after our son died because she felt I should be over it. I miss him so very much, my heart breaks and I thank the Jesus for holding me up. As the anniversary of his passing gets closer along with the holidays we need peace and love more than ever from each other. Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayers. Love in Jesus Christ. Pam
  77. Cliff posted on 08/20/2014 03:09 AM
    Please pray for my mother Eleanor. She recently had a stroke and needs prayer for healing and recovery. Thank you and God bless.
  78. Michelle posted on 08/20/2014 01:38 PM
    I have contemplated suicide, have tried to regain custody of my children and feel like giving up. I am struggling and contemplate giving up every day. It is an extremely difficult decision to keep going and to stay positive. Please pray for me.
  79. Penny posted on 08/20/2014 01:51 PM
    My son and his family have a very stressful life, with one child terminally ill. He works long shifts and the Mom says she can't rest and needs him to take care of the kids, who are 5 and 2. Things just were not working out. so he chose to leave so the children wouldn’t be around the fighting. His visitation with the children has not gone well. He and their Mom were both in jail at one point. We are asking for prayer that the Lord will intervene with divine interventions! They both need counseling, and the children need a stable environment. In Jesus name I pray amen . Thanks for your prayers . My son would thank you as well .
  80. angie posted on 08/22/2014 09:21 PM
    Please pray for my daughter April. She left her abusive husband and met a man and left with him. She also has type 1 diabetes and doesn’t take care of herself. She does have knowledge of the Lord.
  81. Megan Bauer posted on 08/23/2014 12:48 PM
    I pray Christians around Washington State and this nation will join me in praying for our leaders, especially the leaders in this state of Washington, for their unsaved. I pray especially for the salvation of our leaders, like Jay Inslee, our attorney general, our congressmen and women, our senators, our legislature, our city and county councilmen, our schools, our principals, our teachers, both private and public schools, and our judges. I pray the Holy Spirit will lead them to hear the gospel, realize their need for a Savior and turn from their sinful ways and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  82. Cliff posted on 08/23/2014 08:53 PM
    Please continue to pray for my mother Eleanor. She recently suffered a stroke and needs prayer for healing and recovery. Thank you and God bless you for being so faithful.
  83. Anonymous posted on 08/25/2014 01:58 PM
    Could/would you and all of your prayer partners join me in lifting up my marriage for restoration by God's Holy Spirit. My wife moved out the 2nd of August but I believe that since she knows the Lord that He will restore our marriage. I've failed her and I admit that and it's my fault that she had to get away. It was not physical reasons. But, I LOVE MY WIFE. We are not kids anymore but God is not slacked to bring about full restoration for His glory. I hurt badly because I Love her and miss her so much. Can't really call upon our church family as they are mostly friends with her and probably support her more then staying neutral . As a former pastor told me, you stay positive and pray because she will be getting more then all the negative from well caring Christian friends. I Love my wife so much. The enemy of our souls has ahold of our marriage and wants to break it up. I'm not going to let him by the power of God's Holy Spirit that hold will be broken. Thank you all,

    A Friend from Olympia
  84. Anonymous posted on 08/25/2014 02:56 PM
    My daughter is expecting her third son. She went for an ultrasound scan and was told that this baby has clubfoot. We are all worried for this poor unborn child. Please pray that everything will be fine in the end.
    Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the Fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary. mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
  85. Anonymous posted on 08/26/2014 12:14 AM
    Please Pray, for God's will and God's peace in our lives. And Father, please be with everyone on this list and everywhere else that need prayer.

    Please pray that ultimately God's Will be done - but that my ex-husband is healed mentally and physically, that he is offered a good job in a far away place that will allow my family, my daughter, and I to live in peace without accusations and conflict. That God would continue to provide for us and His favor would be on us. Also for healing and peace for me so that I can be the best parent I can be for my daughter.
  86. Jordan posted on 08/26/2014 08:59 AM
    Please pray for Jordan's cousin who went missing in Arkansas on Saturday. His name is Mikhail and he disappeared from work on Saturday morning.
  87. Anonymous posted on 08/26/2014 09:00 AM
    My name is Thien and I'm from Vietnam,I lived in United State about 5 year now and I currently a senior at high school. I don't get good grades at school, but i love learning news thing. This year maybe the most importing year of my life for me to decide what I want to do after High school, what career i want to go into, If you reading this, please give some time and pray for me and help me see my talent and my career. I lost sleep and confused, hoping that god will show me a sign that what I want to do, so please pray for me. Thank you 105.3
    1. kealam posted on 08/26/2014 02:21 PM
      @Anonymous I will pray for you! Have 100% faith in GOD and He will see you through!! Stay strong, and continue to smile through adversity. With love and payer, Moeai Ohana
  88. RaquelO posted on 08/26/2014 05:07 PM
    Please pray for a dear friend and her four kids to find comfort in the lord . She's dealing with a lot with her parents and in laws health. And if that's not enough for her to deal with her spouse wants a divorce.
  89. Cliff posted on 08/28/2014 03:22 AM
    My mother (Eleanor) suffered a stroke two weeks ago and needs prayer for healing and recovery. She has no feeling in her left arm and has only just started to drink water. Please ask God to touch her with His healing grace and mercy. Thank you.
  90. Frank posted on 08/28/2014 11:18 AM
    I want to start off with I’m a 31 year old single male. I have been single for 6 years and struggle with depression, of various forms, and battling suicide daily. I have recently found out a lady I have been waiting for, for 4+ years, has 0 interest in me whatsoever... yesterday. My last relationship was a long distance for 3 years overseas. I was planning on proposing to her but she wanted to play games and God closed the door. This put my on medication and professional counseling for 2 years. This has devastated my relationship with God and it wasn’t until more recently I have been leaning on Him for so much. I have been cheated on 2... possibly 3 times. I have a desire for marriage for such a long time. I’m at the end of my rope and i haven’t heard from God in a while on anything. I don’t know what to do and i see no light at the end of the tunnel.
  91. Barbara posted on 08/29/2014 02:46 PM
    Please pray for my mother, Debra. She is in the hospital with a blood clot in her thigh. Thank you & God bless!
  92. Cliff posted on 08/30/2014 12:07 AM
    My Mom had a stroke two weeks ago. There may still be a blockage as feeling has yet to return. Please pray for Eleanor and God bless.
  93. Cliff posted on 09/02/2014 04:41 AM
    My Mom needs prayer to recover from a stroke. Please ask God to heal Eleanor. Thank you.
  94. Sarah posted on 09/02/2014 05:04 AM
    Praise God for His peace and protection as I left a terrible work situation. Through His amazing grace, I have advanced quickly in the interview process with my top choice employer. We will likely have the offer conversation soon, but salary could be a sticking point. Please pray that God moves in the hearts and minds of those who can influence the numbers on their end and that He gives me the words I am supposed to say. Let me see His continued kindness and favor. Please pray that there is an anointing on all involved. Thank you.
  95. Barb posted on 09/02/2014 11:55 AM
    I wish to find a different job and one closer to home. There's always the pros & cons to a job. The cons keep adding up. I don't want to say too much. Would love one in a Christian principles business.
  96. Andrew posted on 09/02/2014 06:08 PM
    I went to Texas this weekend...hung out with a friend who’s not a believer, we went to a nightclub, I smoked some marijuana and got inappropriately affectionate with a girl (no, we did not have sex). I'm feeling regretful...please pray for me.
  97. miles s posted on 09/03/2014 11:17 PM
    Send your prayers for the people of China. Every year thousands of good Chinese people are persecuted and murdered by the China’s Communist Party as they are "threats" to communism. Mostly Christians, and people who practice Falun Dafa meditation exercises (similar to Tai Chi).

    Also, please pray for those involved in the persecution to find their way again. Many were misled by the Communist party and have trouble seeing the error of their ways.
  98. Cliff posted on 09/04/2014 11:59 AM
    Please pray for Eleanor. She needs healing to recover from a stroke. Thank you and God bless.
  99. sonali posted on 09/04/2014 01:38 PM
    I have been struggling and struggling to lose weight, get a license, keep god first, etc. Please please please pray that I actually change starting today and that I actually actually be healthy and not break anymore promises. please please pray. I have been praying and praying but it always seems like I keep on doing the same thing...please pray that staring today i would change and be better and actually accomplish these goals. I don't want t break promises anymore. Also pray for peace in the world and that so many children in the war torn nations and suffering nations would go into god's plan for their lives. also their are currently 80 nations where it's illegal to be gay and gay people are imprisoned and tortured...I know you guys don't support gay marriage...but you and I know that these laws aren't only wrong but theyre not of god so pray that every single law in these nations end for good. Also pray for more protection laws for animals and environment and pray that young celebrities and famous youtubers go into gods' plan for their lives. Also pray that my sister decided to be healthier and lose weight. She is really overweight and im concerned for her health.
  100. Mary posted on 09/07/2014 04:03 AM
    Have just found out that my daughter is going into hospital on Friday for an operation to have her broken bone in her nose fixed . Please pray for her to have it done successfully. I am very worried, but I know as usual you will help me by praying for her. In the name of our Lord Jesus and our holy mother, I thank you all.
  101. Cliff posted on 09/07/2014 08:00 PM
    Please pray for Eleanor. She needs healing to regain mobility after a stroke. Thank you and God bless.
  102. Megan posted on 09/08/2014 10:51 AM This comment was edited by a moderator at 09:37 AM on 09/09/2014
    I had to put my kitty down Saturday. We're not sure if animals go to Heaven but we hope he's there. Pretty depressed.

    Also, my husband works commission sales only and the past 3 months he has come home with a zero paycheck. We have bills to pay and have been using our credit cards for everything. We pray for blessings this month and to get out of debt. Our credit card will be maxed out pretty soon.

    One final thing, we are looking for a house to purchase and we need to Lord to either open or shut some doors for this particular house we just signed up on.
  103. Cliff posted on 09/10/2014 05:40 PM
    Eleanor is recovering slowly from a stroke. Please ask God to touch her with healing. Thank you.
  104. Megan posted on 09/10/2014 07:36 PM
    I am going to ask my pastor to host an event for My Hope 2014 with Billy Graham. I have no idea what to say to people to invite them to my church, if my pastor decides to host this. I have no idea what to say to my pastor either. I was very nervous tonight after thinking about this. This is like a campaign, something which I have not participated in in a long, long time. After hearing two of my favorite songs on the Christian radio, I feel better but I need prayer. I need the words to speak to my pastor and blessings.
  105. Cliff posted on 09/12/2014 06:20 PM
    Praise Report: Eleanor is regaining mobility after a stroke. God bless you for your prayers!
  106. Angela posted on 09/15/2014 10:17 AM
    My name is Angela a few months ago my grandpa had passed away and I am having a real hard time with it. He was the only man I could trust growing up and now I don't know how to move forward with life without him. Please pray that I can move forward.
  107. Randy posted on 09/15/2014 03:08 PM
    My ex-wife has returned to the local area after moving to California. She asked if I could watch her dog while she tried to find a place to live. I told her I would. We spent an hour talking when we met up for me to get the dog from her. That was 2 weeks ago. Yesterday we met up again, this time at the dog park, so she could visit with her dog for a little while. We spent 5 hours together! Mostly just general chit-chat but it was a very pleasant visit. While she didn't give any indication that she wants to get back together again I will still hope and pray that God will soften her heart to let me back in again. I never wanted the divorce and have always held out the hope that we would get back together again someday. Please pray for us and that we can reconnect and maybe, someday, renew our marriage. Thank you!
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