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  • As a little girl growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, I can remember my family all dressed up and going to our Christmas service with beautiful music and candles lit all throughout the church. My favorite part of the evening was singing along as loud as we could with the “Hallelujah Chorus.” Even though it may have only been 100 people, to my little-girl ears, it sounded like thousands of loud voices singing and praising God.
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  • The birth of Christ. It’s possibly the most discussed event in human history, as well as one of the most controversial. Some would call it a farce; others have vowed to live their lives proclaiming it. Some would refer to it as a fairy tale; others have literally given their lives defending it. It’s celebrated around the world, although many may not believe in the very event they celebrate. Earlier this month I was oversees in countries that we’d commonly refer to as secular nations or Muslim nations. I was amazed at the amount of Christmas décor that I saw, and the amount of attention that major cities gave to this religious holiday. I’m not certain if most of the leaders of these places know the core event of the holiday they’re celebrating. Whatever your personal stance or belief on the birth of Christ, one thing everyone would agree on is the fact that it can’t be ignored.
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  • Quirinius was not the nicest guy. Ambitious. Well-heeled. Driven.
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  • When my dad died I was cleaning the bathroom. I know that seems so insignificant to remember but I know the exact feeling of standing there cleaning the bathroom and hearing the phone ring. It was my brother. I missed it the first time but when he called back he said, “Did you hear?” “No.” I was cautious but not expecting, “Dad passed away.” I thought he was joking. Why would he, but still. I thought maybe he was mistaken. We hung up. I just stood there, mop in one hand and phone in the other hand, still. I walked down to my husband and I said, “I think my dad died.”
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  • One of the most difficult people to keep a relationship with is someone who holds on to your past.  When someone close to you doesn’t forgive you for previous mistakes you’ve made or reminds you of your past failures, it makes things very difficult for you.  It can bring condemnation to your life, resulting in a feeling of inferiority.  This type of relationship is extremely detrimental to your wellbeing.
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  • One of the most incredible things about God is that He’s always available to us. It would be amazing if a person were willing to come to our aid at any time of day. So when we consider that the One who put our Solar System in place, as well as all the galaxies with their hundreds of trillions of stars, is ready and willing to help us whenever we call upon Him…Wow!!
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  • Why include Caesar Augustus? Why did God pick that as the fullness of time?
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  • The other day my friend called me and I was absolutely frantic. I was trying to listen to my friend who was in crisis while I was trying to get my kids in the car, who were crazy. I was gathering all the bags for all the stuff and I was trying to be compassionate all while I'm getting more and more frantic. I finally said to her..."Listen, I'm so sorry. I've really got to get going and I can't leave until I find my cell phone."
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  • What kind of a day are you going to have today? If asked this question first thing in the morning, many of us might respond, “I hope it’s a good day but we’ll see how things go.” Yet God suggests a different response from us.
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  • One of the most difficult parts for a modern day Christian to understand about the Bible’s account of Jesus’ birth is the fact that there weren’t more Jewish people celebrating it, especially Jewish religious leaders. Why didn’t they realize he was the Messiah? Why weren’t they waiting at his stable, having studied the prophesies and put the pieces together?
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