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Mr. and Mrs. Something
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"Mr & Mrs. Something"

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2013 Top 3 Finalists

About The AuthorMr. & Mrs. SomethingVictoria Huffman

2013 Top 10 Artists

About The AuthorFrom the TreeJordan RileyMegan KrantzMr. & Mrs. Something

Oleg ChebShannon RobertsTimberlake ChurchVictoria HuffmanWorld Changers Band


Anyone! We’re searching for Seattle's talented musicians! A worship team!  Who do you know that is a musician or artist? This is a networking opportunity for them. Help them grow their audience with SPIRIT 105.3’s support! All that is needed is an original Christian song and the ability to perform in concert. Whether solo artist or band; we want to hear from them! We ask that they get the song recorded as best as possible and upload their favorite version right here to be entered in the contest.


Now! We’re accepting entries now through August 30th.

  • August 3rd  – August 30th — This month, we’re asking artists & bands to upload their original Christian songs, artist bio and background story on the song, plus a recent color photo taken in the last 6 months to the Local Music Project on SPIRIT1053.com.
  • September 13th — Top 10 artists or bands will be announced.
  • September 14th – September 20th — Voting begins! We need your help selecting the top 3 artists! Check out the 10 bands or artists posted online at spirit1053.com and vote for your favorite. The top 3 solo artists/bands will advance to the finals. Listeners can vote for their favorite ONCE A DAY per person online, via text and with the SPIRIT Mobile app!
  • September 21st – September 27th — Finals! This week, we will feature the top 3 favorite solo artists/bands. YOUR votes are what got them to the finals and will help give them the opportunity to perform LIVE in front of thousands! Plus, the opportunity to expand their listening audience!
  • September 30th — The grand prize winner will be announced on-air when their song is featured LIVE!

Why not?! Think of the exposure! This is an opportunity for local artists/bands to share their positive message and talents with thousands of people and the opportunity to be the opening act at an upcoming SPIRIT Concert! And of course, the countless PRIZES courtesy of the generous Local Music Project Sponsors: Gamblin Motors, Ted Brown Music, Christian Musician Summit, Surrender Magazine and John Mays of Centricity Music!


Thanks for listening and supporting local music!

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