National S'mores Day

A few years back, I discovered a fun little fact that rocked my world. National S’mores Day. It exists, you guys and rightly so, don’t you think? S’mores are awesome and whenever August 10th approaches, I just feel the need to celebrate. My family loves S’mores, for many reasons, but I think what I love about them the most is how we all gather together around the fire pit that my husband and son built, to roast the marshmallows. Being out there with my family and friends on a warm summer evening is what summer is all about. So, I’m marking our calendar for August 10th and we’ll be using National S’mores Day as an excuse to gather around the campfire for sure.

There are so many fun ways that National S’mores Day could be celebrated. You could host a simple BBQ and when the evening cools down, everyone could grab sweatshirts and gather around the campfire. Or, you could host an elaborate S’mores party with all the fixings that a creative S’mores lover could ever dream up.

Today I’m sharing two simple ideas for celebrating the day. The first is a salted S’mores pop, which is perfect for any party or special kid treat and the second is my S’mores in a jar recipe, which is a really fun gift or party favor idea.

Salted S'mores Pops
To make Salted S'mores Pops, you start by sticking marshmallows onto candy sticks.

Next, crush up a few graham crackers and add a big sprinkle of salt.
Melt a chocolate bar in a glass in the microwave. Dip the marshmallows into the chocolate and then cover them with the graham cracker/salt mixture.

Place them in the freezer to quickly set up. I always use my food dehydrator trays when I make any sort of treat on a stick but, I know a lot of people use foam blocks.

A touch of salt, chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker goodness. Happy National S'mores Day!
Now here is where the S'mores in a jar come in. These are perfect for that BBQ, teacher gift or party favor, where you'd rather have them make their S'more later.

 S'mores in a Jar:
•Wide Mouth Mason jars with lids
•Chocolate Bars
•Graham Crackers
•Cute labels for the jars
•Ribbon to tie around the top of the jars
•Paper, fabric or a cute cupcake liners to cover the jar lids
Put the marshmallows and graham crackers into individual zip lock baggies and stick them inside of the jar with the chocolate bar. Decorate the jar lid, add some ribbon, a label and you're all done.


So, tell me, what do YOU like on your S'more? Are you more of a traditional girl or do you go all out with crazy toppings?

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  1. shari lynne posted on 08/07/2014 09:46 AM
    Oh these are sooo yum! I didn't know that August 10 was Smore day and oooh I'm happy to find out! Cuz doesn't that mean we get to eat all the Smore's we want!? YAY! Thanks for sharing Angela!
    1. Angela posted on 08/07/2014 09:15 PM
      @shari lynne Of course it means you should eat all you want! Blessings to you, too!
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