*CANCELLED* Pastor & Church Leader Movie Screening: Gimme Shelter

Meridian 16 1501 7th Avenue Seattle, WA 98101
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

CANCELLED - Please consider attending our free screening on the 21st. Details coming soon.

Pastors and Church Leaders, register for the FREE screening of "Gimme Shelter" presented by SPIRIT 105.3 and Grace Hill Media. Based on a true story, Gimme Shelter centers on pregnant teenager Agnes "Apple" Bailey who flees her drug-ridden mother in search of a better life of her own. Turned away by her Wall Street father, Apple is forced into the streets on a desperate journey of survival.

To register for this screening, please follow this link: Register Now

General Public screening on January 21st. Details coming soon.

At SPIRIT 105.3, we are always looking for great opportunities for your family to spend time together. We realize that not all movies are for all families, so we encourage you to make your own decision about whether a particular film’s theme is right for your family. For help with that, visit www.kidsinmind.com.

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