What's so good about Good Friday?

My daughter, Camille, frequently makes me proud.  She did it again a few weeks ago when she said she wanted to make some kind of sacrifice for Lent.  Giving things up for Lent has not been a tradition in our house, so she was starting something new.  My wife and I figured if our high school freshman was going to be willing to make a sacrifice, we should too.  And I’m glad we did.  I’ve discovered that it’s actually not about the sacrifice itself (which is actually pretty small in our case), but the focus it gives us.

I’ve always loved this time of year….I look forward to both Good Friday and Easter.  I suppose it’s more obvious to look forward to Easter – when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, than Good Friday – when we remember His painful death, and even the sin (ours) that made it necessary.  But I’ve found that the sadness of Good Friday makes the joy of Easter more… well, joyful!  Now that we’ve added a very simple sacrifice during Lent, I’m finding it easier to focus on this amazing time of year weeks earlier than I might have otherwise.  I’m hoping when the season culminates this Easter, I’ll be even more in touch with the joy of Jesus’ resurrection and the new life it means for all of us.  I hope you experience that joy too!