Digging Up Some Good Dirt In Dupont

I love a good analogy… especially when I can take a physical aspect of our lives and see a spiritual parallel.

I am a self-described Cub Scout when it comes to gardening. I have achieved some small victories, but I still have a lot to learn about growing food. I do know it takes good seed, soil, nutrients, care and patience. If you garden, you know it’s mind blowing what can grow from a tiny seed.

Recently in Dupont, I’ve been supportive in a different kind of planting: a church. It’s not near as simple as just adding water to a Chia pet.

I would define a church as a body of people with a common belief in God that gather together and encourage each other in the walk of life. And if you do it right, with God’s blessing it not only bears fruit, but vegetables, too.

So, a few dozen South Sound believers have been earnestly “preparing the soil” of this new church for several months. Making it ready to welcome the new seed, to nourish it, care for, and yes, have patience. Just like a garden, the end goal is not just have a garden, but to see and enjoy the fruit that comes forth.  The fruit of changed lives, grasping how much God sees and loves each of us.

So, as it turns out this Saturday evening at 6 pm (thankfully after the Seahawks game) the doors open at the Chloe Clark School for a group of “gardeners” anxious to love Dupont with a new church.

Who knows? Just maybe one day you’ll be inspired to join with others and plant one, too.