Confession Time

Confession time… I’m not much of a football fan. American football that is… For me, I am way more into the game that the rest of the world calls football (soccer). I follow my favorite teams and am excited about the upcoming World Cup.

One thing I’ve noticed being a part of a city that has a team headed to the big game (Go Hawks!), is Seattle has the best, most ravenous, crazy fans. Seahawks fans LOVE to go all out showing their support of the team. Honestly, it’s the enthusiasm of the fans that has gotten me caught up in Seahawks fever. It’s infectious! One glance at one of these fans, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind who they stand for, who they’re cheering for. They’re willing to paint body parts, wear wigs, and dress like crazy fools to cheer on their team… it’s their excitement that has drawn me in.

This got me thinking that our enthusiasm about Christ might just draw in that neighbor, co-worker, or friend… if we’re bold about it! When others look at you, talk to you, spend time with you… is it clear to them Who’s team you’re with?  As excited as we all are about the big game, in the end- it’s a game. Five years after it’s over, our lives will be pretty much unfazed by the outcome on Feb 2, 2014. Imagine that same energy and excitement, on display because of your friendship with Jesus- I’m guessing your friends and neighbors might just wonder what all the celebrating is about.      

- Matt Stockman