Autumn Leaves

Colorful, crunchy leaves underfoot and crisp, juicy apples… The signs of autumn are all around us. There’s a cool crispness to the air - and an aroma we've missed during the summer months... wood burning in the fireplace.

The leaves on trees have turned from green to vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange. With just the slightest breeze, they float softly to the ground. You’ll notice moms with young children gathering some for decorations or searching for the perfect leaf for a school craft project.

We’re into the second month of fall and with it comes the anticipation of the festive months ahead. But, there’ll be plenty of time to enjoy the busy holiday season, so I hope you’ll relax and enjoy this special time we have now. It’s good to savor each season as it changes.

I love autumn and all the memories it brings to mind. When I was a kid, raking up huge piles of leaves and then jumping into the middle of them made outdoor chores fun.

My sister, Jeanne, was always trying to find new places to hide so she could jump out and say, “BOO!” and scare me. Well, as you can imagine, a big pile of leaves was a perfect hiding place for her to scrunch down in and pop out just at the right moment with a big “BOO!”

Without fail, even if I kinda knew she might be in there, she was successful in scaring the daylights out of me, and I’d jump as I let out a big scream. After I caught my breath, I’d say, “Jeanne! Don’t DO that!” Then we’d fall down laughing as we rolled around and played in the leaves. What fun we had!

Autumn is also a wonderful time for early evening walks. The brilliant sunsets seem to be a reflection of the gorgeous fall colors. I hope you’ll take some time to make wonderful memories with your family and friends as you savor this colorful season.

With love, Martha

P.S. I’m hiding from Jeanne in the leaves… shhhh, don’t tell!

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  1. Barbara Johnson posted on 11/07/2013 08:17 PM
    My favorite fall memory is walking through the leaves that have come off the trees. I got to do that last week. It was awesome. I felt like a kid again.
  2. kat_0915 posted on 11/08/2013 09:46 AM
    I love all the glowing red & gold leaves, especially on a sunny cool day. I too (at 48 yrs old) still love to step on crunchy leaves. After the leaves fall off the trees, you can almost visualize the snow that will be coming to cover the bare branches. Love this time of year as much as a warm summer day. We are fortunate to get all 4 seasons in this part of the country (& not too much snow, just enough to enjoy the view a day or two)
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