First Day of School Preparations

A red Snoopy backpack and two pigtails… I remember my first day of school like it was yesterday!

My mom (also a teacher) made back to school time so much fun. She’d sneak a note on my napkin and a treat in my lunchbox. And she’d encourage me to look for kids in the classroom who looked lost or lonely, and go make a new friend.

Now I’m getting ready to do the same with my soon-to-be kindergartner and I find myself with the same checklist

1. Shop online!
This is saving me so much time and hassle. Our school supply list is intense: 36 glue sticks (No purple!) and 2 folders w/bottom pocket only – plastic preferred. Um….. is it just me or are these rules a lot more specific than when I was a kid? I don’t have time to scan the aisles and visit 10 different stores. I’m thankful for!

2. Ask other moms!
How do I help ease first-day jitters? What’s a good homework routine? How do I help my daughter make new friends?

Other moms advice is one of the best things I’ve ever found. I need help navigating the carpool drop off line and school programs. The more I ask – the better off I am. Plus, I’m making new friends in the process!

3. Talk Talk Talk!
My mom always asked how my day was. When I’d give a one-word answer, she’d ask more specific questions until I opened up. I knew I could talk to her about anything from report cards to bullies. She was very involved in my schooling and that lasted through College! I want the same for my daughter. Helping her navigate these years is my priority.

4. Prep the night before
My mom had a rule: permissions slips that didn’t get signed the NIGHT BEFORE didn’t get signed at all. Tough rule? Yep. But it saved us a lot of hassle on the day of big events.

Lunches got made in advance with all the non-perishable ingredients, assembly line style, each Sunday night. Clothes were laid out the night before, and anything that could already be in the car was.

So what items would you add to this checklist? Comment below!