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Regarding the Recent Changes at SPIRIT
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Thanks so much for your thoughts and for voicing your opinion regarding the recent changes at SPIRIT 105.3. Even though we are not always able to respond to every comment, please know that we are paying attention to what you are saying!  As a listener, you are the most important part of the SPIRIT family, and your opinion is truly important to us!

Change can be hard even when the Lord directs it. Often during times of change, speculation and rumors come about the reasons behind the change. Since we consider you a part of the family, we want to make sure you know about everything that God is doing with this ministry, even the “behind the scenes” stuff.  Over the past few months, we’ve had to say “goodbye” to several team members, like Scott and Sam, Tom (who is still with us, but not currently on the air), and most recently Matt Case. While each person has left the station for different reasons, and we are genuinely sorry to see each go, we rejoice with them in the knowledge that they are fulfilling what God has in store for them in this season of their lives.  

Thankfully, when God directs a change in our life, it is most often to allow something new to enter in, and we are so thankful that He has been faithful to SPIRIT 105.3 in this way!  We hope that you will help us welcome Paul Fredricks to the on air team. You will be hearing Paul on the weekends and other times, too. We are also really excited about Ana Kelly joining SPIRIT to "ride home" with you every afternoon from 2 til 7. Both Paul and Ana are really excited to be a part of the SPIRIT family, and look forward to getting to know you better in the days ahead.

Just like family members commit to praying for each other, we really hope that you might be willing to pray for the work here and especially our new team members in the days ahead. That really is the most important gift you could give to the ministry! Also, we invite your continued feedback! If you have additional questions about the changes here, or if I can serve you in any other way, please don’t hesitate to give me a call, at 206-289-7857. I will do my best to respond as promptly as I can.

In Him,

Matt Stockman, Program Director


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  1. YelenaS posted on 11/01/2012 04:08 PM
    Thanks for this info.. Also, Can you PLEASE clarify on why Christmas music wasn't being played all day during Halloween? Me, as well as MANY MANY others, were looking forward to this tradition.. Thanks so much and God bless your team.
  2. SB_3376 posted on 11/02/2012 09:32 PM
    Was so excited to hear "Tall Paul" last Sunday afternoon.
  3. PegF posted on 11/03/2012 08:30 AM
    RE the Christmas music on Halloween. Thank you for NOT playing it all day. I, for one, hate hearing Chrismas music before Thanksgiving!! If I do, I change stations till then. So thanks.
  4. KarenJ_10 posted on 11/07/2012 11:06 AM
    I never heard why Scott/Sam, and Matt left. I'm BUMMED! It's just not the same without them........
  5. KarlaB_1969 posted on 11/08/2012 03:20 AM
    HELLO Matt Stockman!!!! from the Blevins family waaaayyyyy back in NC!! Glad to have you and your family back in the States!! hate that you are so far away, but that doesn't keep friends from keeping up w/ each other! Please give Juanita a huge hug from me (Karla) and hope you guys are settled back in. Miss all of your family very much around here! Have a truly blessed day!
  6. TamiM_6684 posted on 11/09/2012 12:34 PM
    Sorry to see people leave especially Matt. Loved his style and personality on air. The new people are good but I would say I miss a little bit more sharing of the faith in the morning..
  7. markoxo posted on 11/17/2012 06:23 PM
    I just realized today that Matt Case is not being heard anymore on the air-it was a big enough shock to have Scott go and so far away, and Sam was such a welcome comfort each morning...i was blessed to have met Sam and Sarah, and Matt at different tent events, and asked Matt to pray for and with me, at one occasion...they are like friends that had to leave , especially when i had lost someone so special to my heart, she left for a new path-without me , our future comitment to each other...sometimes i feel so left out of the loop, yet i know that God has something for me, to be fulfilled also, its just that it hurts to lose this love of my heart, to her path for fulfillment and it has been a really hard pill to, losing these wonderful radio people who helped encourage me, make me a faithful listener-reaping the benefits of their wisdom and love, as well as strengthening my faith in our God, just adds to the pain of loss...i know that i have to give it all to Him, so He can make something even better, out of all this change...thank and praise Him, for knowing soo much better,how to do this, than we could ever accomplish, in all our united efforts even...amen.
  8. Bruce7 posted on 11/19/2012 10:04 PM
    Enjoy Amy's "bubbly" joy in the mornings. Enjoy Steve's play off his partners musings. Would like to here more testimonials. Call ins. God bless. Heb 12:14
  9. JanetA_3 posted on 11/21/2012 03:04 PM
    I don't get to listen in every day, so I was unaware (until recently) that Scott, Sam, Matt and Tom all were gone! While I am getting used to hearing Ana in the afternoon (like her!), the morning DJ's (while nice) just aren't the same as Scott and Sam! I also love Sarah, but I am really missing Matt! I agree with some of the comments below; there's just not as much sharing of the faith in the morning as there used to be, and Matt's joy in the Lord will surely be missed. I am glad that Sarah is still there; I just wish I could listen in to her more.
  10. evgamache posted on 11/28/2012 09:32 AM
    I am so saddened that Matt Case has left. I missed him a lot when he was in Israel. He really inspired me. Sarah spoke to my heart as well. While I am sure the new folks will be great, they just don't touch my heart in the same way. Have a blessed holiday season.
  11. ElizabethF_5 posted on 02/05/2013 06:32 PM

    I have to agree with the comments of missing Scott & Sam, and Matt. I don't remember Tom (I'm sure I would if I heard his voice or knew what spot he held). I always try and give the benefit of the doubt and I will continue to do so and pray for our station. I rarely listen to anything but Spirit 105.3. I haven't found that special connection with the new personalities. I miss the old crew very much.

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