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The Power Of A Kind Word
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Have you ever felt an inner glow when someone shares a sincere word of encouragement?  Wow! Isn’t it amazing how the smallest show of recognition in the value of another human being is so powerful?

Sometimes the biggest challenge of an encourager is doing so for someone who is clearly not “in our corner.”  I have a couple of neighbors who are likeable enough, but we have pretty different worldviews that we are passionate about.  I want to be a good neighbor.  So, I look for ways to affirm others as a person, without deliberately stirring the pot about our known differences.

Jesus is a friend of all sinners… you, I, and yes those we may see as somewhat misguided.  Who are the challengers in your life right now?  Reach out with a word of honest encouragement.  It can help change hearts.

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  1. M SheenV posted on 10/19/2012 01:23 AM
    I know that everyone has their problems. Until we get to know someone quite well, we may not be aware of his/hers worries or concerns. But we may be sure that he/she has hidden them away somewhere. Some of our problems are easily solved and others are solved with great difficulty, and still some may not get solved at all. Those may bring about fear, woes , and unspeakable frustratons into our lives. They lodge themselves into the back of our minds. I try and tell folks to," Throw their worries to God." I explain that He cares for us. While some people care about us more or less, and others, as we say, "couldn't care less",God Cares. The reason for that is because God is able to cope with difficulties that are too much for us. With God all things are possible. God's care for us is genuine, complete and sincere. Remember He gave us His only-begotten Son delivering Him up in death for our sins. Then He raised him again from the dead, so that we may be sure that Jesus' sacrifice was acceptable, and Jesus promised to come again. Such Good News contradicts all doubt about God's concern for us. He loves us with His whole infinite Being. He invites us all to unload our worries on Him. He commands us to do so, and it is only right that we do. That is incredible encouragement for everyone...
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