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Calvin Presbyterian Church, 18826 3rd Ave NW, Shoreline
Friday, March 22, 2013

MUST for Seniors™- Medication Use Safety Training (FREE!) 

Older Adults More Likely to Experience (Often Preventable) Adverse Drug Effects -- Find out what you and your loved ones need to know.

 Most older adults live with at least one chronic condition, including arthritis, heart disease or diabetes, take multiple medicines and consult several healthcare providers.  In addition, age-related changes that affect the way certain drugs work in the body, as well as noticeable communication gaps about medicines between patients and their healthcare providers, can set the stage for serious medicine use related problems, resulting in additional illness, hospitalization and even death. The Community Fitness & Wellness Program at Calvin Presbyterian Church is joining the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) to provide the Medication Use Safety Training for SeniorsTM program (MUST for SeniorsTM ) and make available important information about safe medicine use to older adults and caregivers in Shoreline and Edmonds. Approximately 1 in 4 people living in Shoreline/Richmond Beach is an older adult, living independently.

 MUST for SeniorsTM is an interactive initiative designed to promote safe and appropriate medicine use by giving older adults and caregivers the tools and know-how to avoid medication misuse, recognize and manage common side effects in consultation with their healthcare providers, and improve medicine use knowledge, attitudes, and skills to avoid medication errors. Accidental Misuse of medications can lead to loss of independence, cause cascading health consequences or even lead to death.

 “This is an important educational campaign, especially in light of the aging baby boomer population, which is expected to reach 71 million strong by 2030,” said Coach Lisa Stuebing, Owner, Mud Puddle Fitness, LLC. “The use of multiple medicines, prescription and over-the-counter medicines, in addition to supplements and herbal remedies, can result in potentially harmful drug interactions. It’s critical to open a dialogue among older adults, caregivers and healthcare professionals about these issues.”

 Event Admission Fee (if any): FREE

 Event Sponsor: Calvin Presbyterian Church & Mud Puddle Fitness

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