Why Evergreen?

Testimonials from Industry Professionals and Students

“Our Primary Goal is to Produce the Most
Respected Graduates in the Beauty Industry!”

Evergreen is proud to be a Nuts & Bolts Member School; by partnering with this elite community of school, we have taken what is considered advanced education and given it to our students at the undergraduate level. It’s working so well we are winning awards and media mentions every year.

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Testimonials from Industry Professionals

" Your facilities are beautiful, the integration of advance hair cutting systems and business curriculum into your training is empowering, and your unique philosophy will give your students the tools to not only be highly skilled stylists, but more importantly, highly skilled business people. As SEVEN, the salon, continues to grow, we are excited to hire on Evergreen graduates as part of our elite team. We have a great respect for your school, your family and your staff and are proud to partner with you."

5-Stars– Adam Guenther, Director of Operations, 7 Salon: 5 stars

" I have several graduates from Evergreen Beauty working for me. It has been my experience that these employees enter the work force with a strong technical background and a knowledge of what is expected in our industry. Evergreen’s graduates easily assimilate into our culture and they come to us ready to work with little need for training outside of our standardized requirements. As a plus for us, Evergreen graduates have an understanding of the importance of retail sales. I believe this is a result of the quality training they received at Evergreen."

5-Stars– Thomas Kearney, Spa Director - Mill Creek InSpa: 5 stars


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Testimonials from Students

" I attended Evergreen Beauty College in 2009 for esthetics. I will never forget the moment I first walked in the school to learn about my opportunities and to get a tour. I was greeted with a warm hand shake and big welcoming smile. There was never a negative moment in my experience there, as all of the staff were always helpful and positive. I felt completely comfortable talking to any of the staff members about any concerns I may have had, and even enjoyed sharing laughs and stories in our free time. The class I was in felt like my own little family, and I truly woke up every morning excited to go to school. With the experience I got at Evergreen, I began working immediately at a high end spa in Bellingham, WA as an esthetician. I worked there for 4 years until I recently moved to Portland. It was quite easy for me to find the two esthetics jobs I have now, as I gained a lot of confidence and skills from attending Evergreen and from my work history in Bellingham. If you are looking to go to school for esthetics, nail tech, barbering or cosmetology, want to learn AND have fun, happy experiences, I highly recommend checking out Evergreen Beauty and Barber College. I can't wait to go back to visit, and to get some treatments from the students!"

5-Stars– Emily Silverman: 5 stars

" I went to Evergreen Beauty College in Everett and it has been such a blessing to go here. The staff and students both together made my experience so so amazing. I can't stress enough that they were my family. It's been a long and hard road for me, and everyday, I got a hug and a smile and was asked "how are you doing today?" Evergreen truly cares about me. The educators shaped me into the professional and the woman I am today and I'm forever going to be in their debt. I'm going to miss them so much and I promise I'll come back and visit. Chandra, Laurie, Deanne, Lauren, Bethany, Heather, John, Mimi, Lisa N., Lisa H., Maria, Tom, Joe, Jhemini, Sarah, Amanda, Thi, Frank, Erica, Cynthia, Lauren, and Liz I LOVE YOU GUYS. Every person at one point in time made me feel so special and thank you so so much. I will tell everyone I know what an amazing school i went to and it has been nothing but a positive experience for me. Thank you again."

5-Stars– Anonymous: 5 stars


- See more at: http://www.evergreenbeauty.edu/about-us/