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Welcome to the new SPIRIT 105.3 Beauty 101 page! Thanks to Evergreen Beauty College, you now have the opportunity to learn everything about beauty. From tips, tricks, and “How to” videos – to resources about how you could become a beauty industry professional, you can find all you need to know right HERE!

Kelsey, behind the scenes at SPIRIT 105.3, wanted to see what it would be like as a student at Evergreen Beauty College. Check out her video and let us know what you think! If you have questions about becoming a student at Evergreen Beauty College or are ready to enroll - simply fill out the contact and questions form to the right. One of our beauty experts will be in touch with you shortly!


Why it's Not Too Late to Attend Beauty School if you're Over 50

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Sadly, this old cliché only serves to hold many people back from following their dreams. After all, it doesn’t matter how old a person is. Being alive means that we are constantly changing and growing, and it’s the pursuit of new goals that keeps us thriving. And excited about getting out of bed in the morning.

If you’ve dreamed of studying cosmetology, or you enjoy doing hair or makeup, what’s stopping you from going to beauty school? If you think that age is a problem, you have another thing coming. Cosmetology is a field where people of all ages can excel. All that matters is that you’re a people person who loves helping others feel good about themselves through hair styling, makeup, nails, skin care or related areas.

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to find a handful of reasons why people over the age of 50 can and should attend beauty school! Read more...

Beauty Conversations: Why you're not too old!

Why is it not too late to attend Evergreen Beauty College? Tune in to what Joe, President of Evergreen Beauty College, has to say about how age is not a factor when it comes to being successful in the beauty industry and why it's never too late to pursue your passion! Take the first step in exploring your options by filling out a contact form on this page. Read more...

Diary of an Esthetics Student

Miriam gives us an inside scoop of what it's like to be a student at Evergreen Beauty College. She's already a month in, and can't wait to see what else is in store for her around the corner.

Maybe today isn't the day you decide to enroll... but today you can start thinking about the possibilities! Read more and imagine what it would be like to attend Evergreen Beauty College... Read more...

Beauty Conversations: Are you ready?

What if you think you're ready but not sure if you want to attend Evergreen Beauty College? Evergreen Beauty College wants you to know, you're not alone in this decision process! Every situation is different - their counselors are here for you. Simply fill out a contact form on this page to set up a time to address your questions, concerns, and even formulate a plan on how you can become a beauty expert like one graduates from Evergreen Beauty College! Read more...

Beauty Tips & Tricks: Straight Talk

5 tricks to keep curly hair under control

You know the old adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” It applies to health and beauty, too. Brunettes want to be blonde, blondes want dark hair and curly heads long for straight tresses.

Sigh. Realistically, the best you can do is deal with the locks you were given whether curly or straight, dark or light. If yours happen to be curly, you’ve likely tried every flat iron and straightening gel on the market.

How about embracing your curls and trying simple tips for curly hair care? You might just find that the locks you were born with can actually work for you instead of against you.

Click HERE for our expert tips and tricks!

Beauty Conversations: When is the right time?

Is there a right time to enroll in Evergreen Beauty College? Well - It depends! Take a listen to what Joe, President of Evergreen Beauty College has to say. You don't have to enroll today, but we would encourage you to take the first step and set up a short meeting with our experts at Evergreen Beauty College if pursuing a career in the beauty industry is on your mind. Read more...

Beauty Conversations: Appreciating those behind the scenes

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so there's not a better time to take a second, slow down, and think about what you're grateful for. Lauren, educator at Evergreen Beauty College, weighs in on what she's most grateful for as one of our experts from Evergreen Beauty College. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make Evergreen Beauty College one of the top beauty schools in Washington and you can be a part of it! Fill out a contact form today to schedule a meeting with a counselor today! Read more...

Teach Your Child Simple Hair Care Tips

When your child is ready to learn about hair care, make sure that you teach them good grooming habits. From infanthood all the way to elementary school, mothers are the daily hair stylists for their children. However at some point, your little girl will want to style her own hair. Teaching her some good hair grooming habits will enable her to have healthy and attractive hair that is easy to style. Read more...

Back to School Highlights

A BIG shout-out and THANK YOU to Evergreen Beauty College for hosting the always fun and amazing "Bringing Beauty Back to School" event at their Everett and Renton locations. We had such a blast getting ready to go back to school with... Read more...

Beauty Conversations: Step 1, 2, & 3

SPIRIT 105.3 sits down with our beauty expert and President of Evergreen Beauty College, Joe Trieu. Find out the recipe for success in becoming a beauty expert like one who graduates from Evergreen Beauty College! Listen now, then fill out a contact form on this page. Step 1: check! Click through to listen! Read more...

Beauty Conversations: Where Faith and Business Meet

Looking for more than a job? Evergreen Beauty College truly care about their students and the impact they and their business have in the community. You can be a part of this great school and beauty industry too - all while knowing that your faith and future business can be integrated intentionally together! You're welcome here at Evergreen Beauty College! Interested? Just fill out the contact form on this page to find out more information. Click through to listen! Read more...

Diary of a Nail Tech Student

Miss Mimi The Great

When you decide to be a nail technician student at Evergreen Beauty College, Miss Mimi, your nail tech instructor is the first face you’ll see at 8am when you walk into school. Miss Mimi has been in the beauty industry doing hair and nails for twenty-eight years and has been with Evergreen Beauty College for four years as a cosmetology and nail tech instructor. Read more...

Make an Impact

AND further your career!

Our experts at Evergreen Beauty College are about more than just great hair and makeup - they're all about giving back to the community and making a positive impact. You can be a part of this mission too while furthering your career in the beauty industry. Want to learn more?! Simply fill out the contact form and an Evergreen Beauty College ambassador will be in touch with you shortly - it's that easy! Click through to listen! Read more...

FREE Back to School Haircuts

In Renton and Everett, August 20th starting at 1pm

Join SPIRIT for a fun event in Everett AND Renton where parents bring their school age kids in for cuts so they can start the new school year in style! Moms will get to enjoy a bit of pampering as well and everyone will enjoy the bouncy house from Astro Jump and appetizers provided! Read more...

Thinking of a Career in the Beauty Industry?

Ana sits down with Joe of Evergreen Beauty College to discuss how Evergreen Beauty College can prepare you for a career in the beauty industry regardless of your stage in life. Find out how you can get started by filling out a contact card today! Read more...

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