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Furiture 101 by Don Willis Furniture

Since 1948 Don Willis Furniture has been providing beautiful, made to last furnishings for homes in the greater Seattle area. Known for being experts in the furniture industry, customers come to them for all kinds of furniture solutions. Don Willis offers solid wood furniture with most pieces made here in the Northwest. Be sure to browse here for furniture photo’s and information.  Have a question for our furniture experts? You can ask away here too.

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AUTO 101 by Parr Auto Group

Kelsey behind the scenes at SPIRIT 105.3 needed to find a new vehicle to accommodate her growing family with baby #2 on the way! She and her family would love to share their purchase experience with you from Parr Ford Mazda. View their videos, read about the experience “behind the scenes”, and listen in on her “Auto Conversations” with our auto experts from Parr Ford Mazda. Don’t forget to ask your own questions for our auto experts too, to start your search today!

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Beauty 101 from Evergreen Beauty College

Thanks to Evergreen Beauty College, you now have the opportunity to learn everything about beauty. From tips, tricks, and “How to” videos – to resources about how you could become a beauty industry professional, you can find all you need to know right HERE!

Take a look around and come back often as we’ll be posting new tips and tricks periodically. Plus – don’t forget to ask your beauty questions so Evergreen Beauty College knows the next topics to address. Enjoy!

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LASIK 101 by Restore Vision Centers

Are you tired of wearing glasses or buying contact lenses? You may have heard the terms LASIK or laser eye surgery, but haven't taken the next step... Restore Vision Centers has unrivaled experience in the Pacific Northwest, having performed more than 100,000 procedures. With this experience, they would like to help inform you about LASIK and answer any questions you may have. Explore the information below and learn how laser eye surgery could improve your vision.

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