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  • Recipe Round-Up: Five Pumpkin Entrees

    October! Read More
  • YOU Are Beautiful Souls

    Oh, you guys! Where do I even start? Saturday night was such a thrill for me! 25 of you won backstage paces to meet the ladies of Casting Crowns and can I just say that YOU, the readers of allmomdoes are beautiful souls! To enter the backstage pass, you answered “what does being a mom mean to you?” As we all waited to start the event we heard some of your answers. One of you said that “being a mom means being there for your kids, unlike my mom was able to.” Right then, a feeling of genuine transparency came over the room. Another one of you shared that being a mom means “extending fresh grace everyday, just like God does for us.” Read More
  • This one’s for YOU Mom

    If you are reading this blog I'm going to make the acute observation that you are a mom. And there is a season in your life where this role defines everything you do.If you did an application during this season, your resume might read: Room mom. Carpool mom Referee mom Homework mom Meal mom Potty training commando-if-necessary mom Social media guard dog mom Bedtime czar mom And a million other mom jobs sandwiched in between. You are actually an expert in everything. And you never ever EVER go off the clock. Read More
  • Oil Pulling

    Oil Pulling is definitely trending right now. And for good reason. It seems like every blog I come across is talking about oil pulling. Even fashion blogs! That’s why I want to give you some basic science and facts about this ancient practice so you can feel confident to give it a try! Read More
  • The Wonder of Fall Scavenger Hunt

    As the chill in the nighttime air is growing cooler and the leaves begin to fall, without a doubt we can know that the Fall season is upon us. It’s time to pull out just one more cuddly blanket and think about soup and bread for easy dinner’s on busy nights. The rain has begun to refresh the air after a wonderful and oh so pleasant Summer. But it won’t be long before the kids will start to become antsy and long to be out of doors as with the warmer weather. So it’s time to get out those ol rubber boots and go exploring and scavenger hunting. Children are full of wonder! The drizzle doesn’t deter them from an adventure! Read More
  • The Importance of Purpose

    My son, Mark, has a multitude of special needs, but today he acted much like most typically-developing children do from time to time. He lashed out at me, yelling and screaming that I didn’t love him and that I, in fact, even hated him. There was sobbing, hyperventilating and arms crossed indignantly. And all this happened before 8am, right before he was to leave for school. Read More
  • Who Has Time for Communication?

    You run from work, to soccer practice, to piano recital, to the McDonald’s drive-thru, and then home late. There you brush past your spouse, who was running just as fast in the other direction, and so you quickly acknowledge one another's presence. But before you do anything else you realize the family needs to get some food down, get homework done, get baths finished, then bedtime. And perhaps after doing a little bit of cleaning you hit the bed exhausted yourself. Read More
  • I Keep Praying Anyway

    How often have you prayed to make the green light at the intersection, for a meeting to end early or for those vanity pounds to just fall off? I do this daily. But even though I would categorize it as a small prayer, I don’t put blame on God when I end up missing the light or staying late at work. It gets me thinking of all the times I have blamed God for bigger prayers that felt unanswered. Read More
  • Do Mothers Move Mountains?

    Today was a long day. At this point though, I’m feeling fairly accomplished…all three kids brushed their teeth at least once, #1 made it to school on time, #2 didn’t pee in public today, and #3 didn’t flush anything down the toilet. I’m mentally high fiving myself. But what did I really accomplish? I made breakfast, lunch, and dinner, vacuumed three times, responded to the words “I’M DONE!” more times than I can count, and threw a pile of clean laundry at the foot of my bed. I’m not exactly moving mountains around here. Read More
  • Given 2 Weeks To Live

    What if you could find out how long you had left on this earth? Would you want to know? And, if you did find out, how would it change your priorities? What would be important to you and what would fade from your to-do lists? Last Saturday, our cousin wasn’t given the option to decide whether he wanted to know or not. He was just told flat out that he had two weeks to live. Diagnosed with cancer only a few days earlier, he went from being seemingly healthy to terminally ill without any stops in between. Read More

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  2. Given 2 Weeks To Live

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  3. Given 2 Weeks To Live

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