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  • Recipe: Zucchini Pizza Slices

    These Zucchini Pizza Slices were so delicious, and they were perfect, since we basically have zucchini coming out of our ears from the garden. I know you guys will be pleasantly surprised by these. I think the fresh basil really adds a great flavor and of course, the pepperoni doesn't hurt.

    This recipe is rather simple and there isn't really a "right" way to make these so, I'm just going to walk through what we did. When you make these, just use whatever pizza toppings you like! Read More
  • Getting Ready for a New School Year

    Students, parents, and teachers are all anxiously sporting their smiles for the new school year. And it got me thinking, as with any sport we know that teamwork is what makes a team succeed, right? Being a student, teacher, AND parent I've learned that education is a sport in itself and TEAMWORK can ensure we have a victorious school year. Parents, here are some valuable tips from my experience working as a team in the classroom that you can use as we all go back to school: Read More
  • My Kid is Better Than Your Kid

    Accidental One-Upping

    As moms, we need to give each other those proud moments. Those victories. And stop being so wrapped up in ourselves that we instead try to steal victories from our friends. Again, myself included. This is a commitment that I will start choosing silence. I want to hear about your cute, brilliant, funny, amazing kids! :) And I won’t bore you with mine. Even though I think that he, too, is cute, brilliant, funny, and amazing. Because he’s mine. Read More
  • Peanut Butter Playdoh

    This afternoon when my son was bored and kept asking me if we could do something fun we decided to make this easy peanut butter playdoh. We did have a discussion after it was made about how he can eat this playdoh but not his regular playdoh. Read More
  • Creating Joy

    Last night I texted all 7 of my kids. Oh ya, I’m pretty high tech. I don’t know why but I had come to a blank when trying to think up something to post about! Now if you know me, I like to chat it up so it seemed so crazy that I just couldn’t think! I asked my kids to help me and send me a quick answer to this question: Only a couple of kids answered back. I wondered seemed like a simple question. Then I thought..I’m such a nut in my everyday life, how could anyone pin point just ONE thing I’ve done… Crazy and ridiculous is just part of who I am! I love to create my own kind of joy! Yep God and I can think up some pretty crazy things to do sometimes. Life can just be so hard, but God has given me a joy that goes beyond the everyday. Let’s just say that it spills over in some pretty unusual ways…like maybe the time…. Read More
  • Bravery in Motherhood

    Bravery in Motherhood is looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself that what you’re doing is actually making a difference. Bravery is choosing to believe that all of this counts. Bravery is giving yourself the freedom to shine in this season and giving them the freedom to be kids. Bravery is doing Motherhood with great courage, even in the face of difficulty or pain. Read More
  • Growing

    My prayer for myself, and for anyone who was kind enough to read this, is that God would meet us in our growth, whether it’s a relational strain, a new responsibility at work, a challenging family life, or a devastating diagnosis. I pray that God would give us courage for each moment, that He would calm our anxious hearts, breathe new life into each soul and show us that our weariness is just an opportunity for deeper reliance on the One true sustainer. And to Him be the glory in all of our growing! Read More
  • Meet The Moms: Shari Lynne

    I always say that God wanted me to have so many children because I needed so much work. The truth is, I did and I still do need much work! I can’t think of a job that has caused me to grow more in the Lord than being a Mom and a wife. One thing I know for certain: God does indeed restore the years the locusts have eaten away! God has created YOU for amazing things. So let’s encourage one another and build each other up! I look forward to getting to know you! Read More
  • Meet the Moms: Angela Strand

    One of my all-time favorite quotes is something that Anais Nin said, “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.” I’ve found that even on the hardest of days, when I sit down and look through photos from the day, I can see how incredibly good life is, even when it sometimes feels hard. I’m a big believer in living in a way that allows God work through our stories. I want to encourage other women to be bold and share their lives, too. None of us are perfect. Read More
  • Sunday Night Blues

    This scenario may sound familiar- It’s Sunday evening at 8pm. After a busy weekend, you finally get your kid(s) down to bed and you make your way downstairs for some much needed relaxation. Once your feet hit the family room, you realize- the weekend is over and there is work to be done. Loads of laundry, toys to be picked up, a kitchen to clean, a car to vacuum so your carpooler doesn’t sit on dirt and other remnants from the weekend, the list is long. Each Sunday I think, why aren’t I more productive on the weekends? But I know the reason. Weekends are for family time, play-dates, perhaps a much needed trip to the gym, for fun! But, how can I balance both? This past weekend, I tried something different. And it worked. Read More

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