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Carrie Abbott

Raising Siblings to Love Not Fight

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  • I Started Laughing Before I Even Hit the Ground

    For example, I fell this week and I started laughing before I even hit the ground. I was holding an open container of blueberries and, needless to say, they flew everywhere and so did my arms and legs as I tried to catch myself. Whenever I look at the bruise on my arm, I laugh again. I must have looked ridiculous. Read More
  • Parenting Strategy: By the Seat of My Pants

    So now I’m curious – do you have a parenting strategy? An honest-to-goodness, we’ve read this book and discussed it and are wholeheartedly on the same page about following it parenting strategy? When did you start using it, and more importantly – WHAT IS IT? Read More
  • It was a wonderful day, was it not?

    Enter to Win Tickets for I Still Do Conference

    But then you know what? Life happened again. And we fell back into that day-to-day routine until we realized that we weren’t saying “I still do” nearly enough. And while it wasn’t a marriage-crumbling-around-us crisis point like it had been a few years before, we knew we needed to stop being careless and start being intentional. And start making the right choice. Every. Single. Day. Read More
  • As They Grow

    When my kids were small it was so easy to slip toys that were no longer being played with into a goodwill pile.  I even remember certain birthday parties where duplicate items were received and I could quietly place them into a re-gifting box. (Yes, I admit to that.)  Even better was when birthday or Christmas abundance overwhelmed them and I could pack a few unopened boxes of new toys away high up on their bedroom closet shelves and, about June, when boredom set in, I would pull those babies down, unpack them and we would have some instant excitement with fresh new things to play with. Read More
  • Raising Up Siblings to Love Not Fight

    As a mother I experience great joy when I see my family united and enjoying each other. You will too, but this will not happen without your consistent, positive intervention. Stop hoping and wishing, and start intentionally creating an environment of love, respect and life-giving words. It is never too late to do this and you will be amazed at the outcome. Read More
  • Momficient = Mom + Efficient

    The point is that we will always fill our days no matter the number of children or commitments that we have. We get more efficient without even realizing it. Five years ago, I had no need to clean my kitchen in 10 minutes or less. But now, that is the time I have so I make it work. Moms adapt! Read More
  • Always Panic First

    What was wrong with them? How could they be hungry at a time like this?! They were planning a food run while I had gone into full-on-freak-out mode in my head. I snapped at them that I wasn’t hungry. Read More
  • I’m Not as Great a Parent as I Thought I Was

    My firstborn has been the stereotypical “oldest child”: easy, thoughtful, cautious, and compliant. And for the first four years of his life, I thought his fantastic disposition had everything to do with my remarkable parenting skills. Then his sister arrived. She came on her own terms, beginning her life on this earth with a wild adventure and she hasn’t slowed down since. She has strong opinions, no fear, and is fiercely independent. She has a fiery temper and every moment of every day is completely driven by her emotions. Make no mistake, we adore her. But, my goodness, has this sweet little one humbled me. Read More
  • Road Tripping

    Road tripping. These words strike a thrill up and down my spine and I instantly remember that big blue cooler my parents used to wedge in between my brother and I, so we would stay on our "own sides." We would, of course, still fight for elbow space at the top of the cooler and eventually my dad got smart and piled pillows and things to the roof of the car so we couldn't even be able to see each other. Good times. The thing I remember most is that my mom was always prepared. For anything. She had that Mary Poppins bag that seemed to hold every possible preventative, remedy, or distraction ever invented. Read More
  • Jurassic Quest Enter To Win

    Interesting in bringing the family to Jurassic Quest? Check out our pictures and ENTER TO WIN! Read More

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  1. I’m Not as Great a Parent as I Thought I Was

    Kristina Slaney said "Ahhh...all those words. Feisty, fiery, spirited, enthusiastic, energetic, independent...we all know what they REALLY me..." More
  2. I’m Not as Great a Parent as I Thought I Was

    naturalbailey said "I could have written this myself! My daughter is what I always describe as "feisty"!" More
  3. Momficient = Mom + Efficient

    Kristina Slaney said "Sometimes I run home on my lunch break - 17.5 minutes home, 17.5 minutes back, and 25 minutes there to do housework. And..." More