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  • Helping Your Children Live Their Story Well

    Part 3 of helping your kids find faith in the dark

    Each of us is given a unique story to live. We don't get to choose it. But we do get to choose how we will live it. The same is true for your kids. Is it hard to embrace your story right now? How about your child’s story? Do you struggle with the social media comparison game? Do you worry about that with your kids? What (if anything) have you done to combat it? Read More
  • The Fine Art of Blame Shifting

    Part 1 of Build a Better Family

    One of the perennial problems in marriage is the fine art of blame-shifting. And the reason we are so good at it is because our first parents were so good at it. God asks Adam what happened after he sinned, and Adam replies, it was the woman you gave me. Then God asks the woman what happened and she said it was that serpent that tempted me. And ever since then we have mastered the art of blaming others. Read More
  • A Special Ladies Event with Mandisa & the Ladies of Casting Crowns

    Ladies, you are not going to want to miss this exciting opportunity! Read More
  • Being A Mom Is Exhausting

    Let’s face it, being a mom is exhausting. Moms (and women in general) wear so many different hats, and to make matters worse, we seem to be wired to try to be perfect in each of the roles we perform. No wonder we’re worn out! allmomdoes is focusing on refreshment this week. Doesn’t that sound peaceful and wonderful? I thought so too. Read More
  • When Did I Give Up?

    It was late Saturday afternoon.  My son had been invited to a birthday party so I threw on a t-shirt, put my hair in a ponytail, and packed up the kids.  I don’t need to waste time getting ready, I told myself.  I’m fine just the way I am.  I attributed my ability to head out to a public social gathering completely unkempt to be a testimony of my confidence.  I didn’t need others’ approval.  I wasn’t that shallow. Read More
  • A Tale of Two Mornings

    I'd like to tell you two short stories. This first one begins at 7:06am and it features a mommy who is sleeping comfortably. Light is shining through her window, she has a pillow over her ears and down the hall, two little kids have just woken up. One of those kids is giggling, while jumping on the bunk bed and another is opening and closing drawers, while pulling all sorts of clothes out. He's trying to decide which outfit would most help him resemble Luke Skywalker and clothes are flying everywhere in the process. Read More
  • Pressing Our Face To The Glass

    The first time I visited the Amazon jungle I had no idea the way it would change my life. I suppose it goes back to the idea of how encountering a world vastly different from your own will always change you. Read More
  • Conquering Our Fear of Social Media

    Up until a little over 3 years ago, I had a huge fear of Social Media. I guess you could say that I was a little old fashioned. Now old fashioned isn’t bad, but I guess it depends on just how far back in time you want to go. At some point we are put into a position to choose whether we want to launch into the future with the rest of the world or stay stuck in a wonderful memory of things gone by. I didn’t understand this silly need to post every little thing one was doing at home, on the road..in the bathroom…well you get the picture! Read More
  • A Working Mom Dilemma

    I walked through the door on Monday feeling good about getting a workout in after work. “How are the kids?” I asked my husband. He responded, “Well, Mason threw up four times.” Here are the thoughts that ran through my head... 1) I am glad he wasn’t in the gym childcare! 2) Great, selfish me decided to workout and clearly my little boy needed me. 3) I have an important meeting in the morning. Who is going to stay home with him? And so it begins…a working mom dilemma. Read More
  • When Life gets Messy

    Part 2 of Helping Your Kids Find Faith in the Dark

    I am a step mom. If it sounds a little like I’m introducing myself at an A.A. meeting, that isn’t so far away from how it feels. These words often require work for me to own, because they acknowledge a “blip” in our family structure. Read More

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  • Verse of the Day - 09-18-2014

    2 Peter 3:9 “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” Read More

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