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  • Quick decorating tricks & clutter busters

    As a mom on a budget, I'm all about finding a thrifty way to turn my house into a comfortable, welcoming environment.  I love browsing decor magazines and gleaning good ideas so I've gathered my top ten list (plus a bonus idea) of fun tweaks you can accomplish with a few simple supplies that won't cost an arm and a leg, and less than an hour.  (Most of my ideas literally take minutes.) Plus you don't have to be the superwoman of crafts (I'm sure not!) to make these happen.  In no particular order, here are my favorites! Read More
  • Fast Track to Fitness: 30 Day Challenge

    Here it is! The 30 day challenge! After 30 days, you will be stronger and fitter. This challenge is for everyone. Read More
  • I Don't Get To Control Everything

    I knew I had a long night ahead of me. You see, my beautiful baby boy, the one that melts my heart with his sweet, twinkling smile, is teething and is a rosy cheek crying mess in the middle of the night. Every part of my body wanted to climb back into my soft bed and drift off to sleep…but I knew my job as a mama was just beginning. Read More
  • My 4 Minute Exercise

    Today, the 45 minute window I had planned for my exercise time after work got bumped out because I ended up getting stuck in a meeting longer than anticipated. Instead, I went straight to take my daughter to her 9 month check up, then home to play with the kids for a bit before running back out to a dinner commitment I had made weeks ago. I made it home to put my son to bed, kissed my daughter good night as she was already sleeping in her crib and then made my way downstairs. I sat on the couch and then thought, some exercise is better than none, right? So, here is what I took 4 minutes to do: Read More
  • Tomorrow Girl - My Personal Superhero

    There is a super hero who visits me. She comes out at night and speaks to me as I’m drifting off to sleep. She’s full of enthusiasm and plans. Her name is … TOMORROW GIRL. Read More
  • All SAHM's Have Rich Husbands

    And Other Assumptions People Make

    Assumptions breed jealousy and judgment in our own hearts and build walls around the hearts of others. Authenticity becomes impossible and we can't share our brokenness with each other because we become too focused on living a life that others will assume is perfect - because we have to live up to the perfection we're falsely assuming in everyone else's lives. Read More
  • The Secret of Waiting

    You alone get to control your attitude in the wait. But in order to get to that place where bitterness has lost it's hold, anger has melted away, and you can lift your head enough to pour out encouragement to others, you must do one thing. It's not a big thing, but at the same time, it's everything. Read More
  • Top 10 Time Savers

    I LOVE finding ways to save my family time and money. Here are my top 10. Read More
  • Workout for Moms from Home: Vol. 2

    Fast Track to Fitness

    Stephanie's Fast Track to Fitness. A Workout for Moms from Home: Volume 2 Read More
  • Thelma

    We’ve all heard the mother-in-law jokes. They’ve been a mainstay in comics’ routines for decades. Young wives would also write into “Dear Abby” complaining about their mothers-in-law who bossed them around and made them feel inferior. Read More

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  2. The Secret of Waiting

    Char said "I feel like you were speaking to me in some of what you are saying. You know my situations. I feel like that is exactly..." More
  3. What We Say Matters

    Sasha said "Aww thanks Char!! I sure appreciate you and your kind words." More