Chicken Tortilla Soup

If you follow me here on All Mom Does, you know that cooking takes a back seat to basically everything else in my life. I am blessed with a husband that not only will cook, but enjoys it and is actually good at it! This being said, I do have this recipe handy in case I need to step up and take over kitchen duty once in awhile. Read more...

Meals That Work When You Are Tired

Lately, I’ve noticed a common thread when I talk to young mothers … they are tired! Juggling jobs, housework, other commitments, plus KIDS, means that by the time dinner rolls around, they’re too tired to eat (much less menu plan and cook). This exhaustion is not just reserved for young moms either. Grandmas are working longer than they ever have before and many of us provide babysitting to help our kids out. It seems like we’re all overcommitted and overtired. So, I’m sharing my favorite way to make sure I have protein in the house and a simple, easy way to create a meal. Read more...

A Mom’s Instinct to Feed Her Child

As a mom, I have a powerful instinct to feed my kids. I can’t imagine not being able to provide enough food for them. Working at World Concern, I witness this heartbreaking dilemma regularly. I’ve met moms living in some of the poorest places in the world who struggle to find food for their children every day. Read more...

Three Uses For Broccoli Stems

Once I realized how easy it was to get a green vegetable in him, I jumped right onto that train. Over the past four years we’ve eaten a lot of broccoli in our house. A lot. And by “a lot” I mean “sometimes four nights a week.” But here’s the problem with broccoli. When you buy it at the store, they charge you by the pound. Then you go home and cut off the florets, and the stem goes in the garbage. Oh no, friends. I am cheap, and that will not do. I paid good money for that stem, and I will use it. Read more...

Crisp Creperie

You won't want to miss the Crisp Creperie food truck at the Mobile Food Fight for Hunger. Listen here to Sarah's interview with them and start planning your food truck experience! We can't wait to see you at the mom meet up 12p-2p! Kristina and Stephanie will be at the SPIRIT 105.3 booth. Stop by and say hi! Read more...

Mom Meet Up: Mobile Food Fight for Hunger

The needs of the world, they are great.  And I’m not just talking about spiritual needs.  I’m talking about the millions of people who live day in and day out with incredible hunger.  People for whom hunger is a way of life. Read more...

Recipe: Mom's Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

My mother would make these delicious cookies (of which she only had the recipe in her head until now) for every holiday from Thanksgiving to July 4th. They are my favorite and I hope that they become a family favorite of yours as well! Read more...

Recipe: Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookie creations are not only just cookies, but an amazing Chocolate Chip Cookie with an Oreo inside. They are the key to any guy’s heart. Ladies, make these cookies and you can basically get away with anything. Read more...

“Mama, I messed up.”

ENTER TO WIN Vicki's New Book

Why is it so hard to admit to the tug-of-war we experience with sin on a daily basis? What if God’s people could come clean about the struggle? What if we could be honest—not just with God, but also with each other? Read more...

Hi, My Name is Shari and I have Teenagers

At my house I have 13 and 15 year old daughters and a son that just turned 18. Thank goodness he has moved on out of puberty because who ever said boys were easy and girls were harder didn’t have my son! I’ve been through 7 teen puberties! Yes, you read that right... 7! Here are some things I've learned along the way. Read more...

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  1. “Mama, I messed up.”

    Janb said "Thank you for your testimony regarding your son. I have four son's, and I can identify with confession. I received a cal..." More
  2. Recipe: Homemade Pizza

    Shari Lynne said "Oh Man!! I can't believe I left that out! LOL

    425 Degrees for about 12 - 15 min..depends on oven.
  3. Recipe: Homemade Pizza

    Kristina Slaney said "Yum! We love homemade pizza, too - thanks for sharing your recipe! One year for my new year's resolution I resolved to..." More

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