Meet the Moms: Stephanie O'Farrell

This life makes me tired. (Apparently, to the point of aging me 11 years.) This life also makes me happy, challenged, stressed and closer to Jesus than I have ever been. I’m Stephanie and I am a real mom. I plan on bringing honesty, laughter as well as tips and tricks. I don’t know it all nor do I pretend to. That is why I am excited we are doing this together! Read more...

Meet the Moms: Ann Kirsten

Instead of sitting in a tastefully decorated office while I write to you all, I am in my favorite recliner with a rather hideous embroidered bird pillow on my lap for a desk. I am typing this on a laptop my husband bought on Craigslist. I’m wearing a “past it’s prime” nightgown with pink roses on it, I have an awful respiratory flu and haven’t taken a shower in two days. This is as real as it gets! Read more...

Meet the Moms: Sasha Brodeur

I'm ordinarily a wide-open book of raw vulnerability and have laughingly admitted to "just vomiting my heart all out on the page." The way I look at it, we're all kind of in this thing together and encouraging each other by being real and transparent connects us. I feel so honored by the chance to blog with these other fantastic ladies and I sure look forward to getting to know you, as we do life together. Read more...

Meet the Moms: Kristina Slaney

Around here you’ll find a bit of everything from me - reflections on life, stories from my home, easy weeknight recipes, money management tips. I have a particular heart for helping moms in the workforce to find their unique balance, live intentionally, hold on to their joy, and conquer the craziness that can come in this busy season of life. No matter our circumstances, I want us all to feel like we are doing motherhood well. Read more...

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