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    Stephanie is a full time working mom of two kids’ ages three (boy) and seven months (girl). Her first child is a now 11 year old dachshund (aka wiener dog) named Tucker. She is immune to caffeine but still addicted to Starbucks, loves working out and, in turn, enjoys eating. She can leave the house without make up on but cannot stand the thought of going anywhere without her iPhone.


Pursuing the Hearts of our Children

I do not have a close relationship with my dad. He wasn’t invited to my wedding and my brother walked me down the aisle. Now, being the mom to a son and a daughter, I am constantly thinking about how I my husband and I will foster healthy and strong relationships with our children. We will make mistakes. We are human. But, we won't give up pursuing our children's hearts. Read more...

Momficient = Mom + Efficient

The point is that we will always fill our days no matter the number of children or commitments that we have. We get more efficient without even realizing it. Five years ago, I had no need to clean my kitchen in 10 minutes or less. But now, that is the time I have so I make it work. Moms adapt! Read more...

Working Out When "Life Happens"

Life happens and working out often takes a back seat. But it doesn't have to! Take this week to fit in these two moves. Add in a family walk with in this fab weather and I guarantee you will feel amazing! Read more...

July 4th Fun for the Non-Crafty Mom

My plans do not consist of an organized red white and blue craft for my kids while I put the finishing touches on the creative and patriotic desserts and side dishes for us to enjoy later. That's just not me! Instead, I have found a couple of easy and festive things that, as a non-crafty mom, I will be able to accomplish and feel good about. The pictures below don’t even need to be followed up with a recipe or directions! How easy is that?! Read more...

Yesterday I wore "The Pants"

Yesterday I wore “the pants” to work. You know the ones. They fit but only if by "fit" you mean they button and don’t bust at the seam while pulling them on. Each time I sit down I get to practice sucking in my muffin top. (Note: This doesn’t stop me from eating an almond croissant in order to get my day started right.) Each time I stand up I look to make sure the seams are all intact and I won’t have to pull out the long sweater I keep at my desk in case of an emergency. Read more...

Time for Yourself

Every morning for the past week I have been waking up looking better than I have in a long time. My secret? Nope, I’m not getting more sleep, unfortunately. I’ve also taken time off my morning beauty routine. Any guesses? Read more...

Parenting Is Not a Competition...But Am I Winning?

What I have to remember is that there is no score being kept or winners. We are all in this together and we each bring our own individual strengths into this craziness of mommy-hood. I am glad to be on this journey with each of you! Let's stop trying to compete and instead build each other up with support. Read more...

What Your Husband Really Wants for Fathers Day

Fathers Day is in 3 days. Have you made reservations at his favorite restaurant and ensured the kids’ craft projects are properly drying in a secret place so as not to spoil the surprise? Neither have I! Read more...

Fast Track to Fitness: Ab Workout

Get ready for more fitness fun with Stephanie. Several readers asked for an ab workout so Stephanie recorded a few of her favorite moves that you can easily incorporate into your at-home routines. Check out Stephanie's Fast Track to Fitness: Ab Workout. Read more...

I'd Rather Buy It Than Grow It Myself

When summertime approaches, you will never see me in my yard checking on the progress of my “crops”. I am one of those women who would rather buy it than grow it. And I am ok with that. Motherhood is busy and we all have to choose the things that we make time to do. Gardening has never been on that list for me. Read more...

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