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    Stephanie is a full time working mom of two kids’ ages four (boy) and one (girl). Her first child is a 12 year old dachshund (aka wiener dog) named Tucker. She is immune to caffeine but still addicted to Starbucks, loves working out and, in turn, enjoys eating. She can leave the house without make up on but cannot stand the thought of going anywhere without her iPhone.


A Working Mom Dilemma

I walked through the door on Monday feeling good about getting a workout in after work. “How are the kids?” I asked my husband. He responded, “Well, Mason threw up four times.” Here are the thoughts that ran through my head... 1) I am glad he wasn’t in the gym childcare! 2) Great, selfish me decided to workout and clearly my little boy needed me. 3) I have an important meeting in the morning. Who is going to stay home with him? And so it begins…a working mom dilemma. Read more...

God Couldn’t Be Everywhere So He Created Grandparents

Sunday, September 7 is Grandparents Day. Yes, that’s tomorrow! While it’s too late to get a card off in the mail, it’s not too late to send a text, email or (gasp!) even pick up the phone to tell a grandparent how much they mean to you. I no longer have living grandparents. So, Grandparents Day to me is focused on my parents and my parents in-law. I might be biased, but I do believe my kids are blessed with the most involved, loving, patient and wonderful grandparents in the world. Read more...

Dumbells, Treadmills and People, Oh My!

Scene: You walk into your local gym with the mindset of “ok I am going to get my workout on!” After checking your kids into childcare, you walk out and realize you have no idea what to do. If you start with cardio, will all your energy be gone before weights? But if you start with weights will you wish you had just gotten cardio out of the way first? And how do most of these machines work anyhow? Valuable time is ticking away. The pressure is on. Read more...

Chicken Tortilla Soup

If you follow me here on All Mom Does, you know that cooking takes a back seat to basically everything else in my life. I am blessed with a husband that not only will cook, but enjoys it and is actually good at it! This being said, I do have this recipe handy in case I need to step up and take over kitchen duty once in awhile. Read more...

The Pain We Wear Inside

I was 17 when my parents divorced. It was a long time coming really due to my dad's addictions to work, alcohol and probably other things my mom covered up. My mom overcompensated so that my older brother and I had more happy moments than many kids do amidst a parent suffering with addictions. My dad had times where he gave it his all. But those times were followed by his struggles. Read more...

Sunday Night Blues

This scenario may sound familiar- It’s Sunday evening at 8pm. After a busy weekend, you finally get your kid(s) down to bed and you make your way downstairs for some much needed relaxation. Once your feet hit the family room, you realize- the weekend is over and there is work to be done. Loads of laundry, toys to be picked up, a kitchen to clean, a car to vacuum so your carpooler doesn’t sit on dirt and other remnants from the weekend, the list is long. Each Sunday I think, why aren’t I more productive on the weekends? But I know the reason. Weekends are for family time, play-dates, perhaps a much needed trip to the gym, for fun! But, how can I balance both? This past weekend, I tried something different. And it worked. Read more...

Is it My Way or the Highway?

Babies R Us had a sale on Pampers. I love pampers. I do not like the Baby Dry kind because it tends to dry out my daughters skin. My husband works across from a Babies R Us so he volunteered to make the purchase.  I verbally told him I would email him a reminder. Which I did. Read more...

Bargain Shopping Fun at Value Village

I love the feeling of wearing a new outfit and knowing it looks good on me. What I don’t love is spending a ton of money when I have to consider my two small kids, a husband, a mortgage…you know how it goes. When I got the opportunity to partner up with Thrifty NW Mom and Value Village, it was practically a dream come true. Not only did I learn tips and tricks from the moms, but they helped me navigate through the store to find some perfect matches for my style. Here are a few of my main take-aways that I want to share with you! Read more...

Stephanie's Kettle Bell Challenge

Stephanie's helping to keep you fit. Check out her new kettle bell challenge. Read more...

My Gym At Home

This comment did get me thinking. Isn’t there a way I can get the best of both worlds? Enter Monique Vranesh, founder of My Gym At Home DVD’s and My Gym Fitness Centers. Monique has combined her love of fitness, children and sociology education to start her business, which incorporates parents and kids to exercise together. Childhood obesity is a huge concern right now and is 100% preventable. As a mom, Monique is passionate about educating parents on how they can incorporate movement with their kids at any age. Sitting parked in front of the tv is not our only option for entertainment! Read more...

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