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    Sasha has been blogging since 2008 at She is mom to two tweens, a boy and girl, married to her high school sweetheart, and runs an Etsy shop. She loves to photograph everything in sight, believes in deep talks, good cries, contagious laughter and loves making her home into a haven (on a budget) for her loved ones.


As They Grow

When my kids were small it was so easy to slip toys that were no longer being played with into a Goodwill pile.  I even remember certain birthday parties where duplicate items were received and I could quietly place them into a re-gifting box. (Yes, I admit to that.)  Even better was when birthday or Christmas abundance overwhelmed them and I could pack a few unopened boxes of new toys away high up on their bedroom closet shelves and, about June, when boredom set in, I would pull those babies down, unpack them and we would have some instant excitement with fresh new things to play with. Read more...

Road Tripping

Road tripping. These words strike a thrill up and down my spine and I instantly remember that big blue cooler my parents used to wedge in between my brother and I, so we would stay on our "own sides." We would, of course, still fight for elbow space at the top of the cooler and eventually my dad got smart and piled pillows and things to the roof of the car so we couldn't even be able to see each other. Good times. The thing I remember most is that my mom was always prepared. For anything. She had that Mary Poppins bag that seemed to hold every possible preventative, remedy, or distraction ever invented. Read more...

Real Life Dinners - We Want To See Yours!

I did a really fun project two summers ago, called "Real life dinners" in which I just snapped a photo of what was on my dinner plate and shared the recipe or quick fix on my personal blog. I got so much excited feedback about showing what we ate for a week. Read more...

Don't Give Up Making Moments Count

Date nights.  Those two words might as well have been spoken in a foreign language over the past decade for all I cared.  Actually that's not entirely true- I did care, it just wasn't the reality I lived in. I told myself that date nights didn't really matter and that I could live without them.  But that was all just what I told myself to get by in those early years of living sleep deprived, exhausted, weary and broke.  Read more...

Chores for Hire DIY

This project took me about five minutes to whip together and then I had to wait for a coat of spray paint to dry. It's quick and inexpensive and that's the way I like them. My husband and I have debated on putting actual cash in these clips vs. a ticket for $ or something but I'm leaning toward the instant gratification thing as a motivator. Read more...


I talk about being the salt and light of the world for Jesus, to my kids all the time. Ad nauseam. I'm definitely sure they are sick and tired of me saying the same things over and over again to them, but that's my job so I keep saying it. Kind of like the question I ask my son every single morning before he tromps down the front steps to catch his bus..."Who do you represent?" He flicks his long hair and rolls his green eyes at me as he mumbles, "Jesus." Yep. Salt and Light. Read more...


Father's day makes me think long and hard about the man my kids call "Dad."  I wasn't sure what kind of father my husband would be, as his real father wasn't a part of his growing up life, and he was raised by a man who battled alchoholism and post traumatic stress from a war; you can imagine what kind of role model that set.  When we were dating he was very clear about the kind of father he wanted to become someday. I, on the other hand, was more concerned about shallow things like how attractive I thought he was.  I'm glad one of us was a grown up.  Read more...

Home: My Mission Field

If you're a mom you probably do one thing on a regular basis. Feed hungry people. Over the years I've felt that heart-wrenching ache from viewing orphans in foreign countries and felt moved to do what I could to help and I'll bet you can relate to that. As I went through mundane mama tasks each day,I would sometimes feel so lost, and think things like "how can I help so many?" I'd begun to pray about it and slowly, God began to share His mission for me, for this season of life I find myself in. Read more...


My point. Our yard and garden is a work in progress and we only spend so much time on it among doing life with these busy kiddos. It's more about the feeling in our yard (cozy and welcoming) than about perfectly sculpted edges and such. It's a come as you are space and we like that. Read more...

End of Year Teacher Gifts

This sentence strikes some kind of weird panic in my heart each May as I begin trying to frantically come up with an idea to give the individual who has poured their heart and soul into the education of my child for a solid year. How can one little gift say all that I want to say to these special people? A couple of my friends are teachers and they remind me that it's the encouragement and thanks that they get throughout the year that matters. And that the occasional card to their favorite coffee shop can't hurt of course. (wink) Read more...
  • Verse of the Day – 07/29/2014

    James 1:2-3 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” Read More

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