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    Rebecca is behind the scenes at allmomdoes. She loves connecting with other moms and sharing real life struggles. With two kids at home, Rebecca is a busy working mom, but loves the challenge of balancing work and life effectively. She tries to start each day with a Nespresso vanilla latte and end each day with a piece of chocolate.


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Happy New Year! So, I was thinking a lot about this community we have going here at allmomdoes and all the hopes and dreams I have for us. And, the bottom line is, while all my hopes and dreams might be great, they might not be what your hopes and dreams are; I might not speak to where you really need to be spoken to and reach out to you in the ways that you truly need. So, we put together this brief survey to get to you know you, dear reader, better. This community is about you after all, not us. Read more...

The Words of the Season

Derives from the Latin word “adventus”.  A coming, approach or arrival.  A period of four weeks before Christmas when Christians prepare for the coming of Christ.  Each week has a theme to ponder as they anticipate the celebration of Jesus birth on Christmas Day. Read more...

This Is For All Of You

Today, I am sitting across from you at the coffee shop with a warm latte; we are sipping and chatting. I am touching your shoulder gently, looking you in the eyes and telling you something important. This is something someone recently said to me and it pressed itself into my heart, into my life.   Read more...

Enter to Win Jars of Clay Tickets!

Do you ever have moments in your life that have a soundtrack? Often I will hear songs that remind me of specific times in my life, certain joys, sometimes pain. Other times when I hear familiar music it washes over me like a cleansing rain, refreshing my soul, carrying peace. Read more...

Peanut Butter Playdoh

This afternoon when my son was bored and kept asking me if we could do something fun we decided to make this easy peanut butter playdoh. We did have a discussion after it was made about how he can eat this playdoh but not his regular playdoh. Read more...

Cinder Block Garden

I'm not very good at planting gardens or keeping plants alive. However, my husband and I thought it would be fun to try plant a garden so our son could watch things grow. Last year was the first year we did it. Our peas and beans did great. Our carrots...not so much! Read more...

Top 10 Time Savers

I LOVE finding ways to save my family time and money. Here are my top 10. Read more...

How do you let go of the messes?

I could hold on to my little messes, stress about them day in and day out, and sit around thinking my son and everyone I knew was judging me for not having the perfectly clean house I did when I went into labor. Or, I could enjoy this moment, revel in my son’s new laugh and rejoice when he learns to roll over then crawl and walk. I won’t get these moments with him back if I let them go. Read more...
  • Psalm 125:1

    • Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. Read More

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