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    Kristina has two kids with her husband of nine years. She loves camping, canning, and cooking. She’s learning that the story God is writing for her is better than the one she could ever write for herself, which is a hard lesson to learn, because she also loves planning, security, and predictability. Kristina blogs about her family, work, and life at


Grocery Shopping Made Easy

I showed up pretty late to the smartphone party. And now, even though I have one, I'm pretty sure it could be a lot smarter. I don't have a lot of apps or even know what half of the features on my phone actually do. I know it's got a calendar in there somewhere, but instead I still use the old-fashioned one that hangs on the wall in my house. But there was one thing I figured out how to do right away. Make a grocery list. {Go ahead. Take a brief moment to envy me now that you know how exciting my life is. I'll wait.} Read more...

The Kindergarten Transition: Tougher Than You Think

It was February of last year. February 3rd, to be exact. I was looking at my son's picture on my office wall it hit me - he'd be starting kindergarten in the fall. I began counting the months backward...hmmm...kindergarten will start in September, but the kids let out in June, so open houses will probably be sometime in May and registration will be March/April timeframe. Incredibly proud of myself, I picked up the phone to get the exact date in March that I'd need to register Conlan for school. I was more than a month early. I imagined they probably gave out awards for parents as organized as myself. Read more...

The Parenting Mistake You Didn't Even Know You Were Making

One of my biggest goals as a mother is to make sure my children know and feel that they are loved, valued, and appreciated. Read more...

How I Convinced My Son To Eat Salad

The above picture is a typical representation of weeknight dinnertime at our house.  The table is not perfectly set.  I don’t use the good serving dishes.  But food is prepared, we all sit down, and enjoy a few moments around the table together. Read more...

Rethinking The Resolution

Four years ago I made a New Year’s resolution. Normally I’m not very good at them, but this one stuck. For the entirety of 2011 I was going to bake all of my bread from scratch. No store-bought dinner rolls, rustic artisan loaves, sandwich bread, or hamburger buns. They would come out of my oven, or we wouldn’t have them at all. And aside from a couple of moments when I was extremely crunched for time, I made it. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. But I haven’t kept a New Year’s resolution since. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I’ve even made one. Read more...

The Wonder of Christmas

Out came the Christmas decorations.  Tree.  Lights.  Ornaments.  Nativity.  Our little one was enamored with all the shiny new additions to our home.  At the time he was only two years old and didn't remember his previous Christmases, so watching him experience the wonders for the first time (again) was a joy. Read more...

Tips for Making Your Own Gingerbread House Without Losing Your Mind

It was three Christmases ago, and for the first time ever, I had the whole week of Christmas off work.  I decided I was going to make the most of this gift and go all out for Christmas – baking cookies for the whole neighborhood, visiting all the popular light displays, and – the challenge to top them all – making a gingerbread house.  From scratch. Read more...

When Your Family Doesn’t Look Like a Christmas Card

The Christmas cards are coming! The Christmas cards are coming! This time of year is amazing – my favorite – but certain parts can be difficult to navigate. Soon our mailboxes will be full of glossy Christmas cards with beautiful families in coordinated outfits, we’ll be reading Christmas letters about new babies, new jobs, and new homes, and our social media feeds will showcase our friends’ fabulous winter fun, spectacularly decorated living rooms, and gift-giving abundance. Sometimes we see these things and then look around at our own very normal (and messy) lives and wonder, “What is wrong with my family? Why did we get the short end of the stick?” Read more...

Thanksgiving Casserole Bake

I love Thanksgiving. I love that it’s a slow holiday. A reflective holiday. A holiday where there’s nothing to do but be together. I also love cooking. And I’d be dishonest if I didn’t admit that I love all the eating and deliciousness. {I also love the leftovers.} So today I’m sharing a recipe that I enjoy making with the leftover Thanksgiving goodness. Read more...

The Still Small Voice

As much as I love solitude, I don’t love silence. Anything but silence. Please. It’s deafening. It’s unfamiliar. It’s uncomfortable. This week we’re doing the “Be Still” Challenge, and the timing was perfect. I went away for the night to rejuvenate my mama-soul. And because I was away from the fray of everyday life I was able to listen to the entire 49-minute talk about sacred downtime on my phone while I settled into my room. Read more...

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