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    Kristina has two kids with her husband of nine years. She loves camping, canning, and cooking. She’s learning that the story God is writing for her is better than the one she could ever write for herself, which is a hard lesson to learn, because she also loves planning, security, and predictability. Kristina blogs about her family, work, and life at


Finding More Time

And this time, I’d like to invite you to join me. Who will join me for TV-free August? What do you hope you’ll get done with your newly found and efficiently used hours? Will you use them for family togetherness, service projects, housework, or just quiet refreshment? Read more...

Parenting Strategy: By the Seat of My Pants

So now I’m curious – do you have a parenting strategy? An honest-to-goodness, we’ve read this book and discussed it and are wholeheartedly on the same page about following it parenting strategy? When did you start using it, and more importantly – WHAT IS IT? Read more...

It was a wonderful day, was it not?

But then you know what? Life happened again. And we fell back into that day-to-day routine until we realized that we weren’t saying “I still do” nearly enough. And while it wasn’t a marriage-crumbling-around-us crisis point like it had been a few years before, we knew we needed to stop being careless and start being intentional. And start making the right choice. Every. Single. Day. Read more...

I’m Not as Great a Parent as I Thought I Was

My firstborn has been the stereotypical “oldest child”: easy, thoughtful, cautious, and compliant. And for the first four years of his life, I thought his fantastic disposition had everything to do with my remarkable parenting skills. Then his sister arrived. She came on her own terms, beginning her life on this earth with a wild adventure and she hasn’t slowed down since. She has strong opinions, no fear, and is fiercely independent. She has a fiery temper and every moment of every day is completely driven by her emotions. Make no mistake, we adore her. But, my goodness, has this sweet little one humbled me. Read more...

Camping With Small Children

I have a million tips for families who want to camp with their children but are nervous about how to pull off a successful trip.But there’s one thing you can’t put on your list that will make all the difference. It’s your expectations. Read more...

Day 7: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge

Small rewards for a daily job well done are a great way to motivate yourself to stay on track with your goals all along the way – not just at the end of the journey. Even though productivity and progress have been our goals on this 7-Day Challenge, life is still a gift to be enjoyed. It is important to keep that in mind and not treat it as an opportunity to do as much as humanly possible without taking time for ourselves and our own renewal. Living a life of purpose and intention also includes being intentional with your leisure. Read more...

Day 6: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge

It’s when things get hard that most people quit. Staying disciplined and motivated is easy as long as we see progress, but when the excitement of a new endeavor fades or forward movement stalls it can be hard to stay on task. Having an accountability partner to walk with you through the process – someone who cares about you enough to be your cheerleader while also giving you honest, productive, loving insight – can be a great way to push you through those stagnant, challenging periods. Read more...

Day 5: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge

Friends, I’ll be real here. This is my biggest struggle. I am a terrible housekeeper and I don’t pretend to be otherwise. I’ve gotten better over the years but it is a constant battle. I feel like my brain doesn’t scream at me that there is housework to be done, the thought of having a clean house doesn’t motivate me, I can’t develop effective organizational systems, and half the time I don’t even know what types of chores I should be doing. Lately it’s been one of my very top priorities – to get myself to a place where I have a consistent housekeeping routine that keeps the chaos at bay. Read more...

Day 4: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge

I know, I know. We’re all busy. Amidst all the things we have to do, it feels impossible to work toward the things we want to do. Crystal encourages being intentional with our time and “finding” moments that were previously wasted, used poorly, or not used at all – and then using that time to work toward our goals. Read more...

Day 3: Say Goodbye To Survival Mode Challenge

I’m blogging my way through Crystal Paine’s Say Goodbye to Survival Mode 7-Day Challenge.  Join me, and you’ll get a daily email from her with information about how to start getting your life back, including a new challenge each day to help you along!  Sign up here! Read more...

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