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Recipe Round-Up: Five Pumpkin Entrees

October!

Making Mom Friends is Like Dating

When I was younger, I wasn’t much for dating. And now, as a married adult and mother of two, I struggle with developing close, authentic, real friendships. As I reflect on these two things I’m starting to realize that they require similar skill-sets. So today, I give you - the top ten parallels between making mom-friends and dating. Read more...

When Did I Give Up?

It was late Saturday afternoon.  My son had been invited to a birthday party so I threw on a t-shirt, put my hair in a ponytail, and packed up the kids.  I don’t need to waste time getting ready, I told myself.  I’m fine just the way I am.  I attributed my ability to head out to a public social gathering completely unkempt to be a testimony of my confidence.  I didn’t need others’ approval.  I wasn’t that shallow. Read more...

What Is Your Identity?

I’m not gonna lie. If there’s one thing I love hearing more than anything else, it’s that I’m a good mom. I work hard at it - harder than anything else I do in this life. And the recognition feels good. But you know what purpose that recognition primarily serves? Inflating my ego. When I first became a mom, I thought it was an identity. Until I realized I had lost my own, and my complete worth and value (or lack thereof) became hinged upon my success as a parent. It was stressful, especially after I came to understand that “train up a child” is a proverb, not necessarily a promise. I realized that there are no guarantees, even for the very best of parents. Read more...

Should All Kids be Two Years Apart?

I still remember the beautiful, relaxing day I was walking around the zoo with my two-year old boy. I couldn’t have possibly enjoyed that glorious, unhurried day any more. Then I took a moment and looked around. I saw other mommies doing the same, but one thing was different. Their bellies were swollen and pregnant, carrying their toddler’s highly anticipated sibling. And in that moment I felt like I had missed the bus. You know the one. The space-your-kids-two-years-apart bus. My stomach dropped and I wondered if we were doing it all wrong. Read more...

Three Uses For Broccoli Stems

Once I realized how easy it was to get a green vegetable in him, I jumped right onto that train. Over the past four years we’ve eaten a lot of broccoli in our house. A lot. And by “a lot” I mean “sometimes four nights a week.” But here’s the problem with broccoli. When you buy it at the store, they charge you by the pound. Then you go home and cut off the florets, and the stem goes in the garbage. Oh no, friends. I am cheap, and that will not do. I paid good money for that stem, and I will use it. Read more...

My Kid is Better Than Your Kid

As moms, we need to give each other those proud moments. Those victories. And stop being so wrapped up in ourselves that we instead try to steal victories from our friends. Again, myself included. This is a commitment that I will start choosing silence. I want to hear about your cute, brilliant, funny, amazing kids! :) And I won’t bore you with mine. Even though I think that he, too, is cute, brilliant, funny, and amazing. Because he’s mine. Read more...

Grandparents = Free Childcare?

Does anyone else struggle with this? How do you balance fostering a close relationship between your kids and their grandparents without crossing the line and taking advantage? How do you keep the relationship mutually beneficial? And I’d love some insight from the seasoned grandmothers out there! Read more...

Has Family Become My Idol?

I’m going through a bit of an emotional crisis so I’m hoping to pour a few things out to you.  It’s okay to do that now, isn’t it?  We’ve known each other awhile, haven’t we?  Read more...

Finding More Time

And this time, I’d like to invite you to join me. Who will join me for TV-free August? What do you hope you’ll get done with your newly found and efficiently used hours? Will you use them for family togetherness, service projects, housework, or just quiet refreshment? Read more...

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