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    As a founder and President of The Legacy Institute, Carrie is the lead educator and go-to expert on philosophy and content for the Legacy Institute. Carrie oversees research and development of theology and curriculum at Legacy, serves as a consultant to other organizations, and teaches nationwide.

    With over 23 years of teaching, Carrie is a tremendously popular national speaker. She is considered by her colleagues as one of the best communicators and leading innovators on the topic of relationships and human sexuality. She has spoken to tens of thousands of people all across the nation, in venues as diverse as: state legislatures, churches, universities, youth events, medical associations, conferences, banquets, broadcast radio & TV, is featured in several video series, and has her own radio show in Seattle, Legacy Out Loud, heard on AM 630 KCIS at 12:30 and 6:00pm.


The Bigger Picture of Motherhood

As Mothers, our best efforts in life are spent on those we love - leaving us satisfied, worn out and smiling! I have felt this way many times over the years. However, if Mom isn’t refreshed then things don’t run as smoothly and our satisfied, worn out smile becomes well, you know, not pretty! There is a saying, “If mama isn’t happy then nobody’s happy!” There may be some truth to this. Read more...

Raising Up Siblings to Love Not Fight

As a mother I experience great joy when I see my family united and enjoying each other. You will too, but this will not happen without your consistent, positive intervention. Stop hoping and wishing, and start intentionally creating an environment of love, respect and life-giving words. It is never too late to do this and you will be amazed at the outcome. Read more...

Mom, love is your greatest relationship tool!

When we only love in our language, other person may not respond or receive it the way we intend, so we get hurt and they don’t feel loved. “Hey, I cleaned the house, fed the kids, cleaned your desk and made you dinner!” He appreciates my serving, but my husband didn’t feel emotionally close until I hugged him. Wow, that would have been much faster and a lot less work! I’m still learning! Read more...

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