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    Ann Kirsten has been a writer since kindergarten. Married, with three adult “kids” and two adorable grandkids, she has a lot to write about. She finds sharing her failures and being able to laugh about them, makes learning life’s lessons so much easier. She also believes that chocolate should be consumed daily and tiaras should be worn at all possible times.


Mom Meet Up with Ann at His Word Found Here

On Friday, September 5th, His Word Found Here will host one of their first events; a book signing/breakfast with Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse! Yes! You heard me right! For $18 you will receive Tracie and Kimberley’s new book: All Things Hidden, have your book signed AND be provided with a lovely breakfast! Plus, you’ll get to peruse this beautiful new bookstore. Oh, and I’ll be there too. So, come out and join me in supporting this lovely new store. Read more...

Meals That Work When You Are Tired

Lately, I’ve noticed a common thread when I talk to young mothers … they are tired! Juggling jobs, housework, other commitments, plus KIDS, means that by the time dinner rolls around, they’re too tired to eat (much less menu plan and cook). This exhaustion is not just reserved for young moms either. Grandmas are working longer than they ever have before and many of us provide babysitting to help our kids out. It seems like we’re all overcommitted and overtired. So, I’m sharing my favorite way to make sure I have protein in the house and a simple, easy way to create a meal. Read more...

Potholes to Christ

I share a few of my potholes with you in case you too are struggling to figure out how to start getting to know God. He’s worth knowing and He’s well worth the effort you are making. And, no matter where you are in your journey, aren’t we so blessed to have a Father who forgives us when we get it wrong? Where are you in your God journey? Are you on one? Is it frustrating, easy, confusing, amazing? We'd love to hear your story! Read more...

Laughing Through the Teen Years

Last week’s blog laid the vital foundation for raising teenagers. Now, the fun can begin! Teens can be challenging and emotionally draining. So, how do you survive the constant battles and hormonal outbursts? Humor! (Is anyone surprised that I would say that?). Read more...

Congratulations! You Made it to the Teen Years

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the sleepless nights of raising babies.  You survived the toddler years and you have successfully navigated your children through grade school.  Now what?  Do you get a reward for all that hard work?  Yes, you get TEENAGERS!  Read more...

Do You Feel Incapable of Serving?

During an attack, the only way I could keep from being violently ill was to remain motionless for sometimes up to 30 hours at a time, staring at a fixed point on the wall until the worst of the attack was over. I couldn’t turn my head even a fraction of an inch without becoming nauseous, and getting out of bed was completely out of the question. But, while lying in bed, I could pray. Read more...

I Started Laughing Before I Even Hit the Ground

For example, I fell this week and I started laughing before I even hit the ground. I was holding an open container of blueberries and, needless to say, they flew everywhere and so did my arms and legs as I tried to catch myself. Whenever I look at the bruise on my arm, I laugh again. I must have looked ridiculous. Read more...

Always Panic First

What was wrong with them? How could they be hungry at a time like this?! They were planning a food run while I had gone into full-on-freak-out mode in my head. I snapped at them that I wasn’t hungry. Read more...

We Can Laugh About it Now

The times we really remember and laugh about are those “disaster” trips. They created a sense of camaraderie that comes only from having survived something tough together. Although we would never want to go back in time and relive those vacations, they have become the source of hilarious family lore. And, believe it or not, I wouldn’t trade that for all the reliable cars in the world. Read more...


Perhaps I should feel embarrassed about that, but part of me feels that that is exactly why my ancestors moved here in the first place. To be able to live in a place where their children didn’t have to think about freedom. They just lived it. So, whether you’re celebrating with hot dogs and burgers or lutefisk and lefse, let’s raise a glass to our brave ancestors who had the courage to seek a better life in this melting pot we call the United States. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Read more...

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