My Gym At Home

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Have you ever been going about your day when…BOOM… someone says something that gives you immediate mom guilt? A co-worker recently said to me, “I’m a really good mom so when I pick my kids up from daycare I play with them. I don’t think it’s fair to take more time away to do things like go to the gym.”

BOOM, there it was. I am “that” mom who will pick my kids up from daycare/school, have some quality time with them and then leave them with my husband while I go get a workout in. Or worse, I sometimes check them into the gym childcare! Does this mean I am not a “really good mom”? NO!

This comment did get me thinking. Isn’t there a way I can get the best of both worlds? Enter Monique Vranesh, founder of My Gym At Home DVD’s and My Gym Fitness Centers.  Monique has combined her love of fitness, children and sociology education to start her business, which incorporates parents and kids to exercise together. Childhood obesity is a huge concern right now and is 100% preventable. As a mom, Monique is passionate about educating parents on how they can incorporate movement with their kids at any age. Sitting parked in front of the tv is not our only option for entertainment! So, in August, while you are participating in Kristina's no TV challenge, perhaps that would be a good time to check out a new fitness center.

Exercise should not be dreaded or something we feel we have to do. It should be fun! Especially for kids. Monique notes that we don’t even need to use the word exercise with young ones. We can sneak in physical activity constantly (think scavenger hunts, freeze dance, indoor hopscotch!).

Kids need 60 minutes of movement a day! It strengthens their bones and helps their growing bodies.

The My Gym At Home DVD’s are designed for children ages 6 months to 3 years old. I got the opportunity to try some of the videos out. My kids are 1 and almost 4 and it was a giggling, moving, wonderful evening all in the comfort of our own home! It was one of those rare mom moments you have where you think I am balancing it all!

Will I still bring my kids to the gym childcare so they can play while I can go on a run or take a fitness class? Absolutely! It is important to me to be a good role model for my children and to show them how we incorporate fitness iinto everyday life  But through the My Gym programs, I have been introduced to another fun way of fitting this into my life.

 Stay tuned to our AMD Facebook page for updates as I venture into a My Gym Fitness Center. They have Parent/baby classes and classes for kids up to age 13. There are 300 locations worldwide including Kent and Bellevue! The first class is free!

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