Living Up to My Mother's Day Cards

If Mother’s Day cards were the standard to which we were all held as mothers, I’m willing to bet most of us would be failing.

Oh, if only we could be her!  We’d be gourmet chefs, impeccable housekeepers, have endless patience, boundless creativity, and reach emotional depths left unexplored by most people.  All while looking beautiful in our slender bodies, flowing hair, apron-covered Sunday best, and perfect makeup (without any need for concealer to cover the bags under our eyes).  Our potential would be unlimited.  Mothers would rule the world!

Except here in reality, we’re too busy.  And too tired.

Thankfully, our children have given us much more reasonable standards.  Are we safe?  Are we loved?

Now before you think I’m an emotional desert and begin to pity me for my meaningless existence, understand that I do appreciate the sentiment and thoughtfulness of the Mother’s Day card.  And if my husband is reading this – you’re not off the hook But the truth is that I don’t really have some grand fabulous perfect vision of motherhood that inspires me in my day-to-day journey through motherhood.

Because for me, my inspiration and influences come from a lot of different places.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

One mom I know is excellent at making and keeping traditions in her family – I love her creativity.

Another is willing to drop everything to help someone in need – I appreciate her generous heart.

I have never, ever heard a negative word about her husband from one of my friends – my marriage is strengthened by her example.

I know a mama whose response to her children’s questions always seems spot on – I admire her wisdom.

Another always seems to respond to her children with grace – I marvel at her patience.

One mama I met showed me that working motherhood did not have to mean disorder and exhaustion – I have tried to imitate her balance.

My mother helped us kids develop a sense of adventure – I want to follow her example to give my children the same openness to new experiences.

My grandmother has grown up a family of integrity and kindness – I want to honor her legacy.

None of my inspirations “have it all.”  In fact, wonderful as they are, none of them have it all together, either.  But each of them has inspired me – and each of them has made me a better mother. 

That's what I love about motherhood. We're in this journey together. Happy Mother's Day!

Who has inspired you on your motherhood journey?  Have you told them?