I'd Rather Buy It Than Grow It Myself

When summertime approaches, you will never see me in my yard checking on the progress of my “crops”. I am one of those women who would rather buy it than grow it. And I am ok with that. Motherhood is busy and we all have to choose the things that we make time to do. Gardening has never been on that list for me. I do, however, like to eat fresh and organic whenever possible.  Here are a few key things I do, especially in the summer months, in order to ensure I feel good about (most of the things) I provide for myself and my family.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I spray this on ALL of my fruits and veggies in order to help kill bacteria. This is especially important when I have non-organic items in order to kill chemicals and pesticides.

  • Fill a spray bottle with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Place fruits/veggies into a colander/bowl/whatever you prefer
  • Spray the vinegar all over the food Let sit for maybe a minute
  • Rinse very well with water (to remove the taste of the vinegar)

Farmer's Markets

Summer is a fantastic time to get your hands on local organic produce.  Once you keep your eyes peeled for them, you will notice they are basically everywhere. Especially during the months of May-October.  We find great deals and variety at Farmers Markets.

My top two favorites include:

Yakima Cherries

I have turned my car around many times when I see those cardboard signs reading “Yakima Cherries 3 Baskets $10”. Something about buying them from that source makes them so much better than store bought. I am not kidding when I tell you that I can eat three baskets in one evening.

Plan/Budget for what’s important to you!

My husband and I are big on grass fed, organic beef. We don’t save money by purchasing large packs of frozen chicken or beef. Each week when one of us does the grocery shopping we plan for that to affect our grocery budget. It’s something we consciously made the decision on and stick to each week. Trader Joes is our go to grocery store and has allowed us to fit within a budget but also be able to purchase a good variety of organic items for our family since it is something that is important to us.

Daily Deals!

There are often daily deal sites that offer a free month or discounted price of a home delivery of organic produce. This is a must to try if you have not yet! Not only is it super convenient for busy moms but you will also be sent things that you may not have tried from the grocery store. Plus, you can make a fun game out of it with your family. Challenge your kids excited about the “new” produce that is arriving and challenge them to try it all along with you!

Do you have any tips for keeping your family healthy?