Top Mom Picks from Week 4 of the SPIRIT 105.3 e-Auction

The last week of the SPIRIT e-Auction is here. Don't miss out on the great savings for your family. Here are our top mom picks of the week!

I would do the Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad.  Always thought that would be a fun thing for my son!


I can't help it. I have 2 picks this week.

My pick is Jurassic Quest. It's the largest exhibition of lifelike, moving, museum-quality dinosaurs in North America and it's practically in our backyard...well Monroe but that's not far from where I live! I think my 3 year old would have his mouth open in awe the whole time!

Aaaand Time 4 Kids also looks awesome. Drop in childcare for up to four hours, yes please!!! How are people not bidding like crazy on this one?!

It's hard to find a sitter for things like running quick errands. This place is in Lynnwood across from Alderwood Mall so you can drop your kids (ages 2.5-10) and head out for some kid free shopping...nothing is better than that!


My Spirit Auction pick of the week is Time 4 Kidz Drop-in Playcare.  This is a Thing?  I had no idea!  Right here in the middle of Lynnwood, across from the mall, is a drop-in daycare center that is open during the week, into the evenings, and through the weekend.  Need to run errands?  Go on a date with your hubby?  Just need some time to yourself - or to clean the house without the kids tearing it apart after you?  Now, you're in luck!  Bid on 7 sessions of 4-hour blocks of care.  Free time for you, and fun time for your kiddo!

Plus, I ran across this and loved it and BEGGED to be able to make a second auction pick of the week!  So here it is - 2 nights of stress-free camping with KP Campers!  My family loves camping.  It is fun.  It's an adventure.  But, I'll's also a lot of work.  Setting up the site.  Packing the car full of gear.  Coming back home, cleaning everything, and putting it all away.  Not to mention your aching back from sleeping on the ground and all the gear you have to dry out (if your weather was less than ideal).  Well here's the solution:  all the fun without the work!  Spend 2 nights in a vintage camper at Lake Bay Marina.  Cooking & eating utensils are all furnished, the bed is already made (and not on the cold, hard ground), and all you have to bring is your food, your clothes, and your adventurous spirit!  The trailers fit 2 people so take your honey for a weekend away, your friend for a fun girls' weekend adventure, or your child for some special one-on-one time that they won't soon forget!


We've been going through a season of illness in our household so I have been a bit sleep deprived. Honestly, this week my pick is anything in the coffee category! Yes, you read that right...there is an entire category just for coffee. Stock up on some delicious coffee. I think I'll go make a cup now!

~Rebecca (behind the scenes)


I want to go to Jurassic Quest!  I’ve always wanted to go back in time and walk with the dinosaurs, but in such a way that they couldn’t eat me.  So, how perfect would this be?  I want to get a sense of their size and unique features.  Going to Jurassic Quest would give me all that and more.