Tomorrow Girl - My Personal Superhero

There is a super hero who visits me every night.  Dressed in tights and a cape, she speaks to me as I’m drifting off to sleep.   She’s full of enthusiasm and energy.  Her name is … TOMORROW GIRL.   

Tomorrow Girl talks quietly in my ear and tells me about all the things she is going to do TOMORROW. She always has big plans and I never question whether or not she can actually fulfill them.  I just know that she can.

She is going to sort out all her junk drawers.  She will wash the floors and dust things.  She will shine windows and arrange flowers.  She speaks about cleaning with such joy that she actually makes it sound like fun and I am inspired to join her. 

In between all the mopping and sweeping, Tomorrow Girl is going to exercise.  I can feel the power of her muscles and the strength inside of her body.  I am doing squats and push-ups with her in my mind.   They feel doable and even easy.  I can see her running down country lanes.  She is so light on her feet that she practically flies, and I fly with her.

Tomorrow Girl has no addiction to sugar.  Cupcakes and chocolate leave her cold.  She eats whole grains and veggies and fiber.  And, she likes them!  I listen as she plans her healthy, gourmet meals.  They sound delicious and I begin to crave their wholesome goodness too. 

In her down time, Tomorrow Girl writes cards and letters for her loved ones’ birthdays.  We rehearse what will be written and what designs the handmade cards will have.  She says the right things and makes each and every person in her world feel loved.  She always has stamps in her well organized drawers and her cards never arrive late.

Tomorrow Girl also possesses unlimited patience.  Small things and even big things don’t phase her at all.  She is gracious and kind to all those around her and she always takes on more and more projects because she knows that she can do them all (she is, after all, a super hero).

Sometimes, as I lay in bed conversing with her, I write down what she says.  She has great ideas.  I blatantly copy her plans.  I too will do all the things she says she will do.  I am pumped and excited.  I can’t wait to begin.  I can be a Tomorrow Girl too!

But, in the morning she is gone.  I look everywhere and I call her name, but all I hear is silence.  I don’t know where she goes during the day, but I can’t seem to find her.  I try to remember what we talked about and all the plans that we made.  I try to tackle the lists by myself, but now they seem daunting and futile.

Where are you, TOMORROW GIRL?  Why have you left me here all alone?

At night, I lay down again and she returns, full of excitement about her plans for TOMORROW.  And, even though I know better, I get giddy all over again.  I fly with her down trails.  I clean and organize, and I fall asleep with a smile on my face. 

TOMORROW, she and I will conquer the world, and it will all be magical.