I Spend Too Much Time Lamenting My Shortcomings

I never went to the dances at high school.  I was too shy.  There were too many opportunities for disaster.  What if I looked silly dancing?  What if I was dressed wrong?  What if I committed some major social faux pas?  I skipped my prom for the same reasons.  My goal in those days was to blend into the background and draw no attention to myself.  I was very successful at it.

Of course I had regrets.  I dreamed of being the belle of the ball just once, of dancing the night away with a prince while wearing a lovely gown.  As the years passed, my dream faded as dreams often do.  I had aged and the days of dances and proms were over.

It was too late.  My time had passed (or, so I thought).

For, you see, today I went to a ball.  I wore a gown, jewels, glass slippers and even a tiara.  And, I swayed to the music in the arms of my prince.  My dreams had finally come true and there was no room for any hesitation or self-confidence issues.

It all started with a visit from my fairy godmother, a tiny nymph dressed in a yellow gown.  She had crazy eyeliner/eyebrows drawn on her face with bold strokes and she was completely unaware of her odd appearance.  She spoke with authority and was the very picture of self-confidence.

She went through my closet and ordered, “Put this on.”  She opened my jewelry box and picked out purple mardi-gras beads and hotdog bun earrings with little mustaches on them for me to wear.  She put shiny patent leather pumps on over my maroon polka-dot socks and a dollar store crown on my head.

Once dressed in my finery, I was dragged down the hall to the ball room (Jerry’s office).  Jer had music playing on his computer and my little fairy godmother pushed me towards him and said: “Dance!”  We had no choice but to comply, Jerry in his shorts and me in my odd get-up.

My fairy godmother was thrilled.  She squealed and clapped her hands in excitement.  And, as I swayed to the music I realized that in her eyes I was the belle of the ball.  Even in my strange ensemble, my fairy godmother thought I was beautiful (and so did my prince).  No one in the ballroom cared what I wore, how I danced, or what social mistakes I made.  I was finally free. 

I picked up my little fairy godmother and twirled her with me.  She had taught me an important lesson.  I was fine just the way I was no matter what I wore, no matter what mistakes I made.  She, and more importantly God, loved me.  I had spent far too long lamenting my shortcomings and faults.  It was time to celebrate the perfect love and acceptance that comes from my savior, Jesus Christ.   And, I prayed that it was a lesson she and I would remember forever.

It is never too late.