Just Between Friends

Four years ago, as I was awaiting the birth of my first grandchild, my daughter told me about the JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS sales (or JBF as I now call them).  She had heard about them from a friend.  I admit that my expectations weren’t very high when I first went. Boy was I wrong!

As we approached the building, we were greeted by friendly people who gave us empty bags and explained where everything was located.  And, once we walked through the doors I realized what all the hype was about.  Spread out before me were rows and rows of toys, books, clothes, shoes, and every baby/child item you could ever want.

Everything was beautifully organized and displayed.  The clothes were hung on racks, separated by their size.  The toys were merchandised by type and age recommendation.  Books and music were displayed on bookshelves.  It was magical!

In fact, I have begun calling them “magic sales”, for no matter how obscure the item we are looking for is, we ALWAYS find it.  ALWAYS!  One year, I asked my granddaughter what she wanted to buy at JBF and without hesitation she said a Cinderella dress.  I felt horrible.  There was no way we were going to find a Cinderella dress.  But, we did!  And, my daughter (who is way more organized than I am) always has a list when she goes.  She has never been disappointed.  From strollers, to child chairs, to play-mats, she has found everything she has looked for.  100% success rate is pretty amazing!

Of course, it’s also fun to just go with no particular items in mind.  On the day of my grandson’s first birthday party, I realized that I hadn’t bought him a gift yet.  I ran down to a JBF sale and bought him a pile of amazing electronic toys (with batteries in them!) for cheaper than one of them would have cost new.  And, I also found a beautiful, smocked dress for his sister for three dollars! 

Since that first sale, I’ve gone to countless JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS sales.  I’m on their mailing list, I mark them on my calendar, I plan for them.  It’s up for debate which days are the best days to go.  On the first day of the sale it can be argued that you’ll have first pick of the merchandise.  However, on the last day everything without a star on the tag is half off! 

Whether you go on the first day or the last day, please go and check out these amazing sales.  You won’t be disappointed.  And, may they turn out to be as magical for you as they have for me. 

Check out the Just Between Friends Tacoma Event at the Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup (Gold Gate) May 1-4, 2014. Print out the pass below for FREE ADMISSION! And head on over to our contest to enter to win some spending money.

 Feel free to post your bragging pictures here! I can’t wait to see what amazing deals you score!