We're Giving You Permission to Take a Break

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Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Your husband says to you, “You need a break!  Let me take the kids for a bit and you can go do something for yourself!

And your first thought is:  Yippee!  I get a break! 

Which is then followed closely by your second thought:  I have no idea where I would even go or what I would do.

Well, I have a suggestion.

I had the opportunity to spend a day at Olympus Spa – a women’s-only spa with locations in Lynnwood and Tacoma - checking out the facility, enjoying the amenities, and experiencing a few of their luxury treatments.  I’ve heard amazing things about Olympus Spa for years but until now I had never gone.

After soaking in the pool for a mere 10 minutes, I was already thinking about when I could come back again.  And I started to think about why on earth I hadn’t come before.

I figured it out.  Fear of the unknown.  As a person prone to anxiousness, I have realized that the uncertainty and unknown often prevent me from trying new experiences.  Because here’s the deal, in case you didn’t know:  It is a nude spa.

Now, the nudity was not my issue.  But rather, the unknown about how things would work.  Would I do something wrong?  Offend someone?  Do something to look foolish? 

So this opportunity came up and I was super excited but also a little nervous.  But you know what?  I had absolutely no reason to be.

From the first moment I called Olympus Spa to schedule my visit, I was made to feel comfortable.  There would be no surprises.  No unknowns.  Over the phone they gave me a full explanation of what to bring (nothing, except a water bottle), where to go, and how long I could expect my treatments to take.  When I arrived and checked in I was given a full tour of the facilities (totally beautiful, by the way) with complete explanations of how everything worked.  I was told exactly when and where each of my treatments would be, and what I should do to prepare for them.  In case I forgot, written procedures and guidelines were posted on the walls and in the bathrooms.  Each of the technicians gave me consistent and clear instructions.  So with the fear of the unknown resolved, there was nothing left to do but relax and enjoy my time. 

Here’s how it works.  You pay for entrance into the spa – which gives you access to various-temperature soaking pools, saunas, a relaxing lounge, and several health & relaxation rooms.  In the pool room, you are nude.  Everywhere else, you wear a robe.  The relaxation rooms are varying temperatures and have different health benefits that are posted outside each door.  I tried them all – and they were all wonderful.  It’s totally worth noting that during my initial tour, the kind staff person pointed out the Elvan Stone Meditation Room and said to me, “You can go in there and take a nap if you’d like.”  DID YOU READ THAT, MAMAS?  A NAP ROOM.

If you want additional pampering, you can purchase a number of premiere services and treatments.  I was fortunate enough to experience the body scrub, body moisturizing treatment, and a massage.  The massage was amazing and the massage therapist was incredibly responsive to my needs.  The body scrub took about 40 minutes and consisted of the technician scrubbing my body with a pair of exfoliating gloves which scraped off all the dead skin.  It coupled well with the moisturizing treatment to leave my skin feeling amazingly soft and smooth.  When I heard “moisturizing treatment” my first thought was, “someone’s going to rub lotion all over me?”  No.  This was a nearly one-hour treatment using olive oil, milk, and other natural moisturizing agents to replenish my skin.  It included a cucumber mask for my face, and by “cucumber mask” I mean “real, fresh cucumber.”  My skin still feels as soft as a baby’s and my face looks refreshed.  The two best words I can use to describe this treatment, ladies, is TIME MACHINE.

I admit I was a little apprehensive about what I would “do” during the unscheduled time between treatments.  Would I get bored while just soaking in the pools or relaxing in the rooms?  I’m not a person who can just SIT.  But you know what happened?  The time flew, and I found myself wishing I had more of it.  I spent my down time praying, reflecting, setting goals, and just dreaming.  We all have dreams for our kids, but during this season – do we even remember our own?  While I thought I was going to the spa to relax my body, I found I also got to restore my soul.

When it was time for me to leave I put myself back together.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that they provided hairdryers and a vanity area so I could depart looking as refreshed as I felt.  I checked out and went on about my day, and here’s the absolute best part.  I fully expected that when I was finished with my spa day, I would be a big fantastic puddle of relaxation.  But I wasn’t.  While I was incredibly relaxed, I was also energized.  Instead of leaving and having that “relaxation hangover,” I felt ready to conquer the world.  Ready to go back to my kids.  Ready to tackle real life.

And so ladies, if you need to get away I highly recommend a trip to Olympus Spa.  Dream a little.  Relax a lot.  Leave refreshed.

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