A "Non-Pinterest" Mom Throws a Baby Shower

I love the idea of being one of those moms that “pins” or “follows” or whatever it is that crafty people do on sites like Pinterest. But that is simply not the person I am.  When I offered to host a friend's baby shower a couple of months ago, I tried to think about how I could create a fun and memorable party without stressing myself out with things that don’t come naturally to me.

The party ended up being fun and low stress. Here are some general  tips from my experience!

1)    Plan Ahead. I am a list person. A couple weeks before the shower, I made a list of what I wanted (mostly food). I waited until the day before the party for things like fruit or veggies but was able to get the rest when it was most convenient.

2)    Ask for Help.  Chances are, there are guests who will be more than happy to bring a food dish, game etc. I had two friends each bring a food dish, two brought beverages and one brought a game/activity for us to play. Don’t hesitate to ask!

3)    Cravings Station. I love this idea at baby showers. Ask the mom to be what her top 2 or 3 cravings are. It’s a cute way to honor the mom and helps you get easy food ideas.

4)    Minimal Decorations. Remember that the house will be filled with people and presents will occupy a portion of the main room. For this reason, you really don’t need to go all out with decorations. Cost and time saver!

5)    Don't do too much. The point of a baby shower is to shower the mom (and sometimes dad) with fun, quality time with friends and family as you all await the arrival of their little one. People will be talking, eating and having a good time. It’s easy to do too much food, beverages and games. Don't stress yourself out.

6)    Game/Activity Idea. My top favorites include, “wishes for baby” where everyone fills out cards (see picture) on what they wish for the baby. Everyone can read aloud their favorite few.  I also love the activity where you interview the dad ahead of time (shhhh, don’t tell the mom) and ask him questions about the pregnancy/parenthood. You then ask the mom the same questions during the shower and see if their answers match.

Okay, I admit it, I did have one idea come from Pinterest. This super cute watermelon was so fun, cheap and really easy.

What are your favorite baby shower tips/ideas/games/suggestions?