The Music Washed Over Me

David Crowder Mini Concert Exerience with SPIRIT 105.3

Did you catch the live stream of the David Crowder concert yesterday? Check it out here!

Whenever David Crowder’s version of “How He Loves” plays on KCMS, I stop what I’m doing, crank up the volume, and just let the words and music pour over me.  There are few songs that have ever touched me in such a profound way.  And so, when I got the opportunity to go and hear him sing on Wednesday at the radio station, I was thrilled.

The room was filled with listeners, each having their own stories about their love of David Crowder’s music.  We munched on fruit and bagels and got to know each other while we waited for the mini concert to begin.

And, then out came David and his two back up musicians.  I have nicknamed them: “The Band of Beards”.  These guys have epic beards!  Part of the beauty of David’s songs are his pure, sweet, and unpretentious voice.  Perhaps you have visualized how he looks.  Let me just say, if you haven’t already seen him, you are probably very wrong.  I love that he doesn’t look the way you imagine he would.

David opened his set with “Open Skies” in honor, David said, of a truly gorgeous day in Seattle.  We were then treated to the first single off of his new album (Neon Steeple) called “I Am”.  David shared the story of the song’s inception.  He co-wrote it with Ed Cash who had just worked with a group of African Orphans.  Ed was so touched by the orphan’s unbridled joy that shone in their faces while they sang.  After sharing their story with David, the song “fell out” of them as David says.  It promises to be another song that touches souls.

He ended the set with “How He Loves” (to everyone’s delight).  David went on to say that the new album will be a cross between his bluegrass roots and computer eight bit sounds.  He calls this mix: folktronica.  It will of course be first and foremost inspirational, which is David’s passion.

The floor was opened up for questions and David very kindly and patiently answered each one.  We each got to have our picture taken with this amazing troubadour.  He held babies and hugged grandmas (OK, that was me) and for a moment we all felt like family.  If you get the chance to attend one of these mini concerts at KCMS, I strongly urge you to do so.  I haven’t stopped smiling the rest of the day!

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