Creating Joy

Last night I texted all 7 of my kids.  Oh ya, I’m pretty high tech.  I don’t know why but I had come to a blank when trying to think up something to post about!

Now if you know me, I like to chat it up so it seemed so crazy that I just couldn’t think!

I asked my kids to help me and send me a quick answer to this question:

Only a couple of kids answered back.  I wondered seemed like a simple question.  Then I thought..I’m such a nut in my everyday life, how could anyone pin point just ONE thing I’ve done…

Crazy and ridiculous is just part of who I am!  I love to create my own kind of joy!  Yep God and I can think up some pretty crazy things to do sometimes.

Life can just be so hard, but God has given me a joy that goes beyond the everyday.  Let’s just say that it spills over in some pretty unusual ways…like maybe the time….

It is very difficult for me to find time to exercise.  I’m up at 5:00 am, off to babysit my grandkids by 6:40 am and then have teens and all of their “stuff” to deal with all day long.

Umm just a little secret..I’ve gained 25 lbs. since starting to watch my Grandkids.  Now I know that part is my age..but like I said..time is not on my side.

One day my daughters and I were at a Sporting Goods store.  My 15 year old needed track shoes and some other things.  She takes sooo long to make up her mind about things!

I was growing weary of waiting, but then I spotted the exercise equipment and had THE most brilliant idea EVER!

I told my 13 year old “c’mon let’s exercise!”  I hopped on one bike and she hopped on another.  She smiled and quickly jumped off as I kept going AND devising my plan…

My 15 year old finished with her shopping around but I just kept riding and shared with them


We don’t have the funds to belong to a gym soooo….I began to tell them that 3 times a week I was going to stop on by the sporting goods store in my workout clothes.

I would nonchalantly make my way over to the exercise equipment and pick which one I would work out on for that day…  I envisioned the store clerks getting a little suspicious, so I thought it would be best to tell the truth “this is my new gym!”  No fees, no competition…just full use of the exercise equipment.

My daughters thought it would be gross for me to get the equipment all sweaty, so I decided that I would bring sanitizer wipes each time.  I mean I don’t want to be rude or anything!

I thought this idea was beyond amazing!  My girls however did not.. there in lies the MOST FUN!  Embarrassing the children a bit!

I thought I was sooo funny I could hardly stand it!

You see…God and I have this fun little way of seeing the good in things, making the best of all circumstances (even while waiting at the sporting goods store)  

No, life isn’t always joyful and there are hard days,

But God…

Yes He has a way of filling us with a joy that the world can’t understand…sometimes the kids don’t either.  Oh and I’m not real sure the sporting goods manager would see it the same way either.

I like to create my own kind of joy…

That’s pretty much my own crazy way of coping with life.

How about you?  What things do YOU do to create your own kind of joy?

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