Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

You know what they say.. Parting is such sweet sorrow. 

I've come to a great place in life where I know all the things that make my heart sing.  I understand my areas of strength and weakness and I fully "get" how to navigate life with those in perspective.  I do tend to love doing... I'm a worker bee and I do.  I do projects, I make things, I fix things, I prepare things, I do.  And sometimes I say yes and yes and yes, and then I'm left with a plate overflowing.  Of course there are seasons of yes... just as there are seasons of no.  Sometimes life throws us curves that require our attention in various aspects and that in turn, requires us to bow out or say no to things we have previously committed to.  All that to say that sometimes what I particularly get caught up in is loving everything and wanting to say yes to it ALL! 

I love to write. I love to take photos. I love to be a mom.  I love watching my son do guitar and seeing my daughter dance. I love their school obligations and I love being a wife. I love joining bible studies and devotional classes and taking on side job that help bring income to my family.  I love being a friend and doing coffee with other moms, and being an artist and selling my creations on the side.  I love it all and everything in between those gaps.  But just because I love it all, doesn't mean I can or should do it all.  So in this season of life, when I was given the chance to take a new part time job in a field that I believe I was made for... I had to force myself to evaluate all of my commitments and listen to my family when they asked, "Mom, why are you so cranky?  It's Saturday!"  Um... nope, that couldn't be because I had all of these obligations, could it?  I mean, they were all things that made our life hum with blessing and joy and fulfillment- especially mine! 

But you see we really and truly can not do it all even if we want to and even if we would love to. 

Sometimes the wisest thing is to be still, say no, have a little breathing room, create a little margin in your schedule and have some blank space in that planner. So that's what I have done in this season. I have eliminated a few things I love doing because I can't do it all.  One of those things will be writing here each week, for Spirit 105.3.  I'll still be writing my heart out, on no particular schedule at and you are welcome to pop in and visit me there.  I am so thankful for the time I've had here and the amazing opportunities I've been given, as well as for the new audience in all of you, that I've had a chance spend time chatting with each Monday.

After deleting all the extras from my schedule, I felt a weight lift and I knew that I was making the right choices to pare things down a bit. 

So, how about you?  As moms we can get so bogged down with all the yes moments... have you allowed yourself a few more no moments for the blank spaces on your calendar? 

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