Is it My Way or the Highway?

Babies R Us had a sale on Pampers. I love pampers. I do not like the Baby Dry kind because it tends to dry out my daughters skin. My husband works across from a Babies R Us so he volunteered to make the purchase.  I verbally told him I would email him a reminder. Which I did.

It read "Size 3 Pampers. Not Baby Dry."

The next day, I texted him a reminder. He was so proud of himself for already having made the purchase that he sent me a picture of the diapers sitting in his cube at work.

You guessed it. They were Baby Dry.

Several responses swirled through my head, "Is this a joke?" "How hard is it to read an email and follow the request?" "Thanks for buying diapers that give our baby diaper rash."

Then I paused.  

I thought-

Did he do this on purpose? Definitely not. He went out of his way to make my life a little easier by running this errand for me. If I come back with a mean response, it's only going to push him down and feel bad.

But that didn't stop me from still ensuring I pointed out the mistake.

I responded to his text, "Thank you! Next time no Baby Dry." He then remembered the request and felt bad for "messing up". And then my guilt set in. WHY did I have to point out the mistake?

I cannot do it all yet when someone else is helping me and doesn't do it my way, I point it out or I go back and “fix” it.

Why does it have to be my way or the highway?

As a full time working mom with two kids, I have no option but to rely on others for help.  I repeat to myself, I cannot do it all. Nobody can. I wish I could take a breath and just appreciate the moments when people go out of their way to help me.

My way is not always the only way to do something. My husband is incredibly helpful and supportive. I am trying to remember this in the midst of simple mistakes and learn to extend grace first.

Are you good at extending grace? How do you avoid saying "I told you so" or "This wasn't the right way" and instead being supportive and thankful.  I'd love to hear your stories and advice!

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