Road Tripping

Road tripping.  These words strike a thrill up and down my spine and I instantly remember that big blue cooler my parents used to wedge in between my brother and I, so we would stay on our "own sides." We would, of course, still fight for elbow space at the top of the cooler and eventually my dad got smart and piled pillows and things to the roof of the car so we couldn't even be able to see each other.  Good times.  The thing I remember most is that my mom was always prepared.  For anything.  She had that Mary Poppins bag that seemed to hold every possible preventative, remedy, or distraction ever invented. 

One of my best girlfriends and I came up with a road tripping plan for this summer.  We've called them Friday Fun Days and we've etched our work schedules around these weekly mini get-aways. Some days we venture out far and explore, and others are spent a little closer to home but they all have one thing in common.  Planned road tripping with fun destinations for our collective hoodlums. 

I've always carried an emergency box of some sort, in my car but now that we're planning these get-aways, it has caused me to take a bit of inventory and restock things for the ages of my kids.  I've got teens and tweens but I still needed to think ahead for emergencies and such.  I no longer need clothing changes and diapers but I need bottles of water and snacks, a blanket (which gets used for sporting events, park stops, picnics, or beach side moments) along with medicines, sunscreens, games and such.  There are so many great sites that can help you put together pouches of this and that, and the point is all the same- "be prepared."  I relax and have a lot more fun knowing that I've got my bases covered.  I wanted to share what I carry in mine and hopefully it will help inspire you to take a few minutes, get yourself prepared for anything this summer, and then head out and make some memories on a road trip! 

I like to keep mine in a waterproof plastic container with a handle and I don't stress too much about forgetting something at this stage because I know if I did my girlfriends have probably got me covered. 

I typically toss some water bottles with ice into a canvas tote bag with beach towels,  full sized sunscreen, and my camera before we head out (not pictured). 

In my car emergency kit I keep: 

An old quilt

First aid kit with Benadryl and other medicines

A snack box with granola bars, juice boxes, and usually some kind of nut.

A zippered pouch with toilet seat covers and cleaning sponge, antiseptic wipes, sunscreen, sanitizer, mending kit, and roll of toilet tissue. 

A few car games.  I found mine at Target years ago and my kids still play them. 

(Not pictured but also included in this container, a few gallon sized zip lock bags and baby wipes. They always come in handy!)

What kinds of things do you keep on hand in your car? Do you have any road trips planned this summer?  Or any great road trip stories? 


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