Day 1: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge

What are you crossing off your list today?

I’m blogging my way through Crystal Paine’s Say Goodbye to Survival Mode 7-Day Challenge.  Join me, and you’ll get a daily email from her with information about how to start getting your life back, including a new challenge each day to help you along!  Sign up here!

Today’s challenge was to say no.

More specifically, to make my to-do list for the day and intentionally cross three things off my list.  The idea is that in trying to do it all, be superwoman, please other people, and pursue perfection we are living a life that is full of doing stuff (even if it is worthwhile stuff) but lacking purpose.  Every “yes” that we give means a “no” to something else, and often times that “no” comes at the expense of our families or ourselves – no quiet time, reduced patience with our children, rushed time with our spouse, or lack of energy to clean our homes (to name a few examples).  We need to be thoughtful and intentional with our “yes” so they’re not coming at the expense of the things that are really important to us.

I’ll be honest.  This really isn’t something I struggle with – because I already learned my lesson.  I used to jump at the chance to help someone out, bring a dish, host an event, attend a gathering.  And those were all really worthwhile things.  And I wanted to be a part of them.  But if I’m being truly honest with you – you’ll keep my secret, won’t you? – there was also an element of people-pleasing with all of those “yes”-es.  And all of that prideful people-pleasing took energy and attention away from the things that were really important.

So I made my list for the day, but I didn’t have anything to cross off because I’ve been much more purposeful and intentional as of late in where I focus my energy.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t get ahead of myself sometimes.  Just last week I had to {politely, honestly, and apologetically} back out of a writing commitment I had made on my personal blog that I had enthusiastically agreed to without thoughtfully considering my time.  Having to do that reminded me why I’ve been more intentional lately {because backing out post-commitment is seriously humbling}, but after I removed that activity from my plate, the weight was lifted and replaced with the lightness of joy.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.  The best things in your life deserve your best.  But they can’t get it you’re giving your best to everything {and everyone} else.

What are you crossing off your list today?

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